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2717016 - Variable Pay - Flexible Curves


  • Admins can now set up payout curves with an unlimited number of steps or interpolation points.
  • This option will be available to import flexible payout steps while setting up Plan details.
  • Variable Pay supports only five points for payment curve.
  • This is an admin opt in so it will not affect any customers who do not wish to use this option.


  • When accessing a Variable Pay worksheet and selecting a business goal, the graph which populates has no "Close" button.
  • This is only when Variable Pay templates are enabled with flexible curves.

**Image/data is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental**


  • SAP SuccessFators HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay

Reproducing the Issue

How do we enable curves for Variable Pay plans?

  1. Curves can be enabled at template level through Plan Setup> Settings> Calculation Settings.

    enable curves.png
  2. Once you have your curves imported via Plan Setup> Manage Plan Details> Import/Export Flexible Curves run bonus calculation and launch worksheets.

    import flexible curves.png
  3. Run the Bonus Payout Detail report/Business Goals Performance Reports to see payout data.


You can define curve points within your Edit a Business Goal UI in Compensation Home without having to import a file. Once defined in goals you will be able to export them from here.

business goal curves.png

Also, please note that on the form the payout will be rounded up. The data for Interpolate setting is calculated and rounded in the backend, so in case that is not under the business requirements, direct type can be used instead.

The graph being shown comes directly from the goals and the graph which we can see while setting up goal. We are therefore unable to format any of the percentages which are shown in this graph.

  1. Access the worksheet you have launched and select the curve on the business goal. You will notice this is hyperlinked and can be clicked on.

    flexible curves popup screen.png
  2. Here you will see the popup screen does not have a "Close" button.
  3. The only way to exit this screen is by pressing your "ESC" key on your keyboard.


If your current goal value is greater than the maximum target configured, then there will be a gap between the graphic line and the line with the actual result, as the sustem can't guess the values greater than the value configured.

Additional Information

How can the hyper link from forms be enabled once curves are setup?

If you launch forms form a plan where curves are enabled but do not see a hyper link on the business goals which shows the interpolation graph, please ensure the "Goal Results Payout Amount" column is enabled and visible. This can be checked from Plan Setup> Design Worksheet> Column Label Names and Visibility.

Can we use business goals performanceMin, Max & Target when curves are enabled?

The use of the following columns from the business goal file becomes redundant:

  • PerformanceMin
  • PerformanceMax
  • PerformanceTarget

So, if these columns are populated with data and these are being referenced within a formula etc no data will populate and there will be a blank. This is designed behavior.

Can you have multiple points on an interpolated goal?

If there is an interpolated goal with multiple points, then the current goal for the user will only populate when they're inside the range you have defined on the goal. So, if they're outside of this then you will see no current goal marker in the graph.



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