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2725013 - How to import Benefit Enrollment – Pensions?


How to import Benefit Enrollment – Pensions? This KBA explains the process that should be followed from b1902 release onwards.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


SuccessFactors Employee Central: Global Benefits


Here are the Bare Minimum Files needed when importing Benefit Enrollment – Pensions


  1. The first step in Importing Benefit Enrollment for Pension Benefit is to download the template for Benefit Enrollment.

                   A. To download the template for Benefit Enrollment, you need to go to, Admin Center> and Search for Download Template


             B. Search for the object Benefit Enrollment and make sure to Include dependencies then click Download.


          C. Once the file is downloaded open it and reduce the files to the Bare Minimum.

            Delete all the content of the zip file aside from the following: Benefit Enrollment, Benefit Enrollment – Pension Fund Enrollment Contribution Details, Benefit Enrollment – Dependent Nominees, Benefit Enrollment – Non Dependent Nominees, and import_sequence.


Note: Edit the import_sequence.csv file and make sure to edit it like what is described in the screenshot below.  (This is important because import_sequence will determine the sequence of how files will be imported to the system)


2. Preparing the files

A. Benefit Enrollment – For Benefit Enrollment Fill in the following fields: id, enrollmentDate, effectiveStartDate, benefit.benefitId, workerId, currency, and other required fields

[OPERATOR] id enrollmentDate effectiveStartDate benefit.benefitId workerId currency.code retirementDate
Supported operators: Delimit, Clear and Delete ID Enrollment Request Date Effective From Benefit.Benefit ID Worker ID Currency.Currency Code Benefit Schedule Period.Period ID Retirement Date
A1262 06/01/2018 06/01/2018 PENSION_USA 80280 USD 2018 08/22/2036

Note: From b1902 onwards, the id field is of type String, hence you can enter an unique alpha-numeric value.

 B. Benefit Enrollment – Pension Fund Enrollment Contribution Details – Fill in the following fields – id(This is the external code reference for the parent object Benefit enrollment), effectiveStartDate, will leave this as blank since this the external code is configured with data type – Auto Number), (This is the Fund’s external code), benefitPensionFundEnrollmentContributionDetail.employeeContributionAmount and benefitPensionFundEnrollmentContributionDetail.employerContributionAmount (Since in my configuration both employee and employer will contribution to the fund)

[OPERATOR] id effectiveStartDate benefitPensionFundEnrollmentContributionDetail.employeeContributionPercentage benefitPensionFundEnrollmentContributionDetail.employeeContributionAmount benefitPensionFundEnrollmentContributionDetail.employerContributionPercentage benefitPensionFundEnrollmentContributionDetail.employerContributionAmount
Supported operators: Delimit, Clear and Delete Benefit Enrollment.ID Benefit Enrollment.Effective From Id Benefit Pension Fund.ID Employee Contribution Percentage Employee Contribution Amount Employer Contribution Percentage Employer Contribution Amount
A1262 06/01/2018 413241 250 250


1. The reason why I added decimal values to the field Employee Contribution Amount and Employer Contribution Amount is because the Employer Contribution Type and Employee Contribution Type setting is set to Amount to my Benefit.


 2. Incase you have a Statutory Lookup Configured for the Benefit make sure that the values you are adding in the Employer Contribution Amount and Employee Contribution Amount field conforms to what is configured in the look up table.

3. Benefit Enrollment.ID value in this file must be same as 'id' value in Benefit Enrollment import file.

C. Benefit Enrollment – Dependent Nominees: You need to fill in the following fields here – id, effectiveStartDate, benefitPensionDependentNominees.dependentName (Refer KBA- 2715608), benefitPensionDependentNominees.dateOfBirth, benefitPensionDependentNominees.relationShipType.externalCode and benefitPensionDependentNominees.percentage

[OPERATOR] id effectiveStartDate benefitPensionDependentNominees.dependentName benefitPensionDependentNominees.dateOfBirth benefitPensionDependentNominees.relationShipType.externalCode benefitPensionDependentNominees.percentage
Supported operators: Delimit, Clear and Delete Benefit Enrollment.ID Benefit Enrollment.Effective From Dependent's Name Date of Birth Picklist Value.External Code Percentage
A1262 06/01/2018 5021 01/01/1985 17 50

NOTE: If customer has multiple dependents listed in her/his benefit, then the total sum of all the percentage should be equal to 100. If the customer has a non-dependent nominee, the percentage for the non-dependent is also included in the computation.

 D. Benefit Enrollment Non-Dependent Nominees: id, effectiveStartDate,, benefitPensionNonDependentNominees.percentage and

[OPERATOR] id effectiveStartDate benefitPensionNonDependentNominees.nomineesId benefitPensionNonDependentNominees.address benefitPensionNonDependentNominees.percentage
Supported operators: Delimit, Clear and Delete Benefit Enrollment.Effective From ID Name Address Contact Percentage
A1262 06/01/2018 Jimmy Robbins 918-4135-989 50

3. Once you are done edting the files then you may now go to Import and Export Data > Import Data > and Select Zip File and Import the Zip file.


4. After Importing the File you should see now the data appearing to the Benefit Screen of the Employee.

Alternatively, you can export Benefit Enrollment from the system, edit the relevant files as mentioned above and import the zip file back.


When carrying out a re-enrollment (i.e. Enrollment under previous enrollment ID) Pension Fund Enrollment Contribution Details is not needed in the import. This data will be pulled from the original enrollment. The exception to this is if 'Multiple Fund Selection Allowed' is set to 'Yes' and you wish to change Fund from the previous enrollment to another/others maintained on the Benefit.

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