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2730558 - Compensation & Variable Pay - Manage Business Configuration (BCUI)


How can we use manage business configuration for Compensation & Variable Pay?

What is used and viewed here when it comes to Compensation & Variable Pay?

NOTE - Any issues which you may encounter within the BCUI when it comes to creating fields for Employee Central will need to be reviewed by the EC team.

**Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental**


  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay


With any Compensation & Variable Pay templates which are integrated with Employee Central, we can use manage business configuration (BCUI) to view field mappings, background elements and so on.

You can leverage using this for Compensation templates to review filed mappings. For example, ensuring the column type in Compensation matches what you have within EC.

Here you can also see all the EC elements used, for example.

ec elements.png

You can map fields into Compensation & Variable Pay from the following sections via design worksheet.

  • Biographical Information (personInfo)
  • Compensation (payComponentRecurring)
  • Compensation Information (compInfo)
  • Employee Details (employmentInfo)
  • Job Information (jobInfo)
  • Job Relationships (jobRelationsInfo)
  • Personal Information (personalInfo)
  • Spot Awards (payComponentNonRecurring)

Note - You can also map in data from Pay Component Groups which is linked to your pay component groups defined in Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures.

When using Variable Pay you will need to have a configured background element to import employee history from Employee Central.

Historically this has been done directly within the succession data-model via provisioning.

Following EC enhancements this can now be done through the UI via Manage Business Configuration> Employee Profile> Background Elements.


Here you can both manage existing background elements and as well as creating new ones.

edit background elements.png

Per the implementation guide for Variable Pay background elements, please note the following.

  • startDate is reserved for "startDate".
  • endDate is reserved for "endDate"
  • vfld5 is reserved for "varPayProgramName"
  • vfld12 is reserved for "assignerId"
  • vfld13 is reserved for "managerId"
  • vfld14 is reserved for "localCurrencyCode"
  • vfld15 is reserved for "recordType"
  • ffld1 is reserved for "basis"

Outside of these, the following can be used.

  • VFLD - These are varchar/string fields. Available to use are VFLD1-20 excluding the above-mentioned ID's.
  • IFLD - These are integer/numeric fields. Available to use are IFLD 1-8.
  • DFLD - These are date fields. Available to use are 1-4.
  • FFLD - These are float/numeric fields. Available to use are 1-8 excluding the above-mentioned ID's.

NOTE: When using FFLD fields to pull in EC data as a percentage etc please DO NOT include the "%" symbol. Doing so will cause the history processor to fail.

These ID's can be defined within the column you create on the background element. The following is an example of a mapping to Division.

background element mapping.png

For more information please review the Variable Pay & Compensation implementation guides.

Once you have the background element defined you will be able to select this from your Variable Pay program.

plan background element.png

You will also be able to see the field mappings from within the plan after you have selected your required background element and saved.

This can be found under the "EC Employee History Field Mapping" from Plan Setup> Settings.

ec history field mapping.png


If you have RBP defined for an employee to see "Manage Variable Pay Programs" and/or "Configure Plan Permissions" only, then this fields mapping page will be visible.

This is also noted within the GUIDE.

You are also currently UNABLE to permission who can/cannot see the EC Employee History Field Mapping tab within templates.

This has been logged within the community for an ehancement. Please click HERE to view.


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