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2732385 - Value Help Search Filter Does Not Work


In the report selection you are using search condition "Contains" to filter on a specific field. The report results however indicate No Data Available To Display even though your are entering valid search criteria.


  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP Business ByDesign

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Analytics > Design Reports or to Analysis > Reports.
  2. Find and open the report ABC.
  3. In the report selection, click on the value help of field XYZ.
  4. In the value help search, type in the data you are looking for between asterisk (e.g. *John Doe*).
  5. No results are found.
  6. Now try searching by a shorter term (e.g. *John*).
  7. Note that results are now displayed, also including the term you searched for in step 4.

* You can alternatively repeat the filtering from step 4 in the Advanced tab of value help, or also by typing in the field text box in report selection itself.


You are filtering in a characteristic of data type CHAR. Fields of CHAR data type do not support space or special characters in value help filtering. Following the above example, whenever you try filtering for values that contain space, the results will not be displayed if you include the space or any subsequent character in the search criteria.
In orther words, if you search by *John* the system will be able to retrieve results.
If you search by *John *, no results will be retrieved.

Also if you search for *John*Doe*, without including space in the criteria, the system will still not retrieve the results, since the term *Doe* is preceded by space character.


If there is the need of performing advanced filtering for your characteristic, avoid the usage of data type CHAR. If you need to use a field of such data type, the search criteria must include only the word coming before the space character, which in the above example would be *John*.


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