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2734984 - Cannot request future dated leaves :System not considering the balances which is yet to be carry forwarded


  • 50 days of leaves can be carry forwarded to the next year as per the period end processing rule
  • PEP is not yet run and is scheduled to run on 31st december 2018
  • Today(21st december 2018) user is trying to request 40 days of leave starting May 2019
  • System displays insufficient balance message


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  • Time Off

Reproducing the Issue

Try to request 40 days of leave starting somewhere next year.System throws an insufficient balance error


PEP is yet to run on this account hence the leaves which is supposed to get carry forwarded will not be included in next year’s total balances .

Try to request a leave today for a date in 2019 ,then system will only consider the accrual balance which will get posted as of that date and not the balance which is yet to get carry forwarded.

Accruals can be simulated but pep cannot .


Future dated simulation is not yet supported for PEP.However below manual workaround can be followed to request leave in advance.

This needs to handled on a case to case basis. Admin can perform following steps if an employee wants to request future dated leaves considering the "to-be" carry forwarded balances


  • User has 50 days balance in 2018 account
  • All 50 can be carry forwarded to 2019


  1. Admin should  create a manual adjustment to the 2018 time account and set the remaining balance to zero, with posting date = today.For example if total balance is 50 days.Admin can add a manual adjustment of -50 which makes the total balances to 0.This can be done via administer time page.

  2. Next step is to  create a manual adjustment to next year's account with posting date start of the year .Here add a manual adjutment of 50 days(total leaves to be carry forwarded) with posting date as start of next year

Downside is that employee will not be able to request further leaves in 2018 account after performing above adjustment.

Admin should ask employee to create leave requests for 2018 before doing  the manual adjustment so that admin will be aware of the exact  balance from 2018 which needs to carry forwarded to 2019

Raise an enhancement idea in influence so that product management will consider enabling this  feature.


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