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2738965 - Time Sheet Automatic Submission and Workflow Processing Behavior


  • When is a time sheet submitted automatically by Submit Time Sheet background job?
  • What are the conditions considered by the Submit Time Sheet job for triggering workflow or not for the current time sheet week?


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  • SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking


  • After the current time sheet week, job 'Submit Time Sheet' is executed automatically by the system to select relevant time sheets in status 'Pending' and submits them for payroll processing. 'Submit Time Sheet' job runs daily, but it submits time sheets only when time sheet week is completed.

Note: All time sheet background jobs runs automatically based on the configuration for TLMTriggerTasks job in Provisioning.
The Time Sheet Submit job is part of the TLMTriggerTasks job. 
When TLMTriggerTasks is started, the following jobs are triggered automatically one after another: Trigger Recalculation job → Import External Times job → Generate Working Times job → Submit Time Sheets job
By default, TLMTriggerTasks job is scheduled in provisioning and runs every day (usually, in the small hours). If the job is not scheduled, it needs to be done like follows: go to company provisioning → Manage Scheduled Jobs → Create New Job → create a job of type TLMTriggerTasks and schedule it.
The 'TLMTriggerTask' Job can be referred to for more details.
For testing purposes, it is also possible to create a job of type Submit Time Sheets in provisioning and schedule it, or to start it each time manually. This, however, is not the recommended way to use time sheet jobs.

It is possible to define how far into the past automatic submission of time sheets should be done. For this reset the field “Weeks relevant for time sheet submit job” in Time Management Configuration object. By default the field is not visible and set to 13 weeks counting back from the job run date. Can be set from 0 to 60.

  • If there is a worklow approval process configured in the system for time sheet, relevant conditions depending on the time recording method assigned to the employees and existing entries are considered by the system to determine if a workflow should be triggered upon submission of the time sheet.
    Below table shows the different actions taken by the system with respect to given conditions and existing time sheet entries:
Time Recording Method Existing Entries / Conditions Action Taken
Positive Time Recording External Time Data (Imported Entries) Only Submit with Workflow
Absences Only + Full Work Schedule Covered Submit with Workflow
Absences Only + Full Work Schedule Not Covered No Action
Manual Entries Only No Action
Absences + Manual Entries No Action
Absences + External Time Data (Imported Entries) Submit with Workflow
Manual + External Time Data (Imported Entries) Submit with Workflow
Absences + External Time Data (Imported Entries)+ Manual Entries Submit with Workflow
No Entries No Action
Negative Time Recording System Generated Entries Only Auto approve
Absences Only Auto approve
Manual Entries Only Submit with Workflow
Absences + Manual Entries Submit with Workflow
Absences + System Generated Entries Auto approve
Manual Entries + System Generated Entries Submit with workflow
Absences + System Generated Entries + Manual Entries Submit with Workflow
No Entries Auto approve
Overtime Recording
With b2305 release, it is possible to automatically submit the time sheets of overtime recorders via Time Sheet Submission Rule configuration. 
Automatic Time Sheet Submission for Overtime Recorders and Setting Up Automatic Submission of Time Sheets can be referred to. Time Tracking is needed to have this function.
If no Time Sheet Submission Rule is used, then no action would be taken. In otherwords, it is needed to submit the time sheet manuallay.

On-call times: are handled as attendance (manual or imported entry). Allowances are handled as manual entry.

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