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2740001 - Group Goals 2.0 vs Team Goals - Goal Management


This article provides information about the main concepts of Group Goals 2.0 and Team Goals, how to configure each, and a comparison of both.


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Group Goals 2.0 - Main Concepts

  • A Group Goal is one goal that can be applied to a set of people equally.
  • For example, they serve for project teams, corporate initiatives, and goals that might be defined by a specific job role.
  • When you create a Group Goal and distribute it to a team, for example, everyone on the team is assigned the goal.
  • A Group Goal differs from the existing Personal business goals because a Group Goal always remains a single goal shared by the people in the defined group. 

 Group Goals 2.0 - How it works

  • Group goals allow a user to create a goal on one goal plan and assign the goal to several other users’ goal plans.
  • The goal is then visible on multiple users’ goal plans, but primarily editable by the goal owner.
  • When the goal owner edits the goal fields, that goal automatically updates on all other plans.
  • If desired, you can configure specific fields in the back-end so that they are editable by members of the group goal.

Group Goal Roles

Group Goal Owner/Creator

  • This is the user that has the original group goal – there is always only one group goal owner per goal. 
  • The owner is always able to edit the fields in the group goal. These fields then automatically update across all other group goal members.
  • Note: when reporting on Group Goals it will only show in the Goal Owner/Creator goal plan.

Group Goal Assigner

  • The person assigning the group goal to group goal members.

Group Goal member

  • The users that have been assigned the group goal. 
  • Members view the goal information read-only and do not have permission to edit fields, unless configured in the XML template. (See "Editable Fields in Group Goals and Team Goals")


Team Goal Features - Main Concepts

  • The Team Goal feature allows a manager, for example, to create a goal for his/her team without the goal having to appear on the manager’s goal plan.
  • It includes all of the existing features of "Group Goal 2.0" without forcing the manager to share in the goal accountability.
  • The Team Goal does not appear on the Creator's goal plan.
  • It also supports the ability to share assignment distribution over the team goal – effectively allowing a manager to cascade the team goal to another manager who may wish to assign to their team.

Team Goals - How it works

  • Team goals were designed using the existing Group Goals 2.0 framework. 
  • Therefore, whatever is supported today in Group Goals 2.0 is supported for Team Goals.
  • There are no separate XML tags for Team Goals.

Team Goal - Roles

Team Goal Owner

  • At first, the creator of the Team Goal is its only owner.
  • The owner can then share the Team Goal with other users and they become Co-owners.

 Team Goal Co-Owner

A co-owner has shared administrative privileges over the team goal and can perform standard read/update/delete actions on the team goal, depending on their permissions.

 Team Goal Assignee

  • The users that have been assigned the Team Goal.
  • Members view the goal information as read-only and do not have permission to edit fields, unless configured in the XML template. (See section "Editable Fields for Group Goals and Team Goals")

Editable Fields for Group Goals and Team Goals - cascade-update

  • The default behavior is "push-down" meaning Group Goals will be editable to the gGroup Goal Owner and read-only to Group Goal Members.
  • To make a field editable by group goal members set the attribute value to "regular".

cascade-update="push-down" - Group goals will be editable to the Group Goal Owners or Team Goal Owners and read-only to Group Goal Members or team goal assignees. 
cascade-update="regular" -  Group goals will be editable by Group Goal Members or Team Goal Assignees.


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