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2741133 - Main Account Field Brings Inconsistent Values for Activities Report


You are reporting on top of data source All Activities [CODACTU] using the characteristic field Main Account. You note that the report results seem to vary, sometimes bringing the account selected in the value help, sometimes bringing additional account and sometime bringing no records at all.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Analytics work center.
  2. Select the Design Reports view.
  3. Find and open report ABC (ABC represents the report ID).
  4. Run the report.
  5. In report selection, find / Add the field "Main Account" for filtering.
  6. Manually type in account ID 123 in Main Account text box (123 represents the account ID).
  7. The report results are updated, bringing not only the account ID you typed in field Main Account, but also other accounts that were not typed in.
  8. Click on the value help of field "Main Account" in report selection.
  9. Find Account ID 123.
  10. Select this account ID.
  11. Once the report results are updated, they are now bringing only the account ID you selected from value help.


Main Account is a hierarchy enabled field. It means it contains account IDs in two or more levels: Parent and Child accounts.
Selecting a value from value help allows you to select an account as either parent or child.
When you select this as parent, the system will show the account + all its children. By default, Main Account field will be set bring accounts as Parent in report results, in case you manually type in the account ID in this field.
If you open the value help and select an account as child it will show only the selected child account, also setting the field to Child account based rather than Parent account based. It means that if you manually type in an account ID in the field again, it will then bring the account only if it's a Child account.


To make use of Main Account field to filter specific accounts, it's necessary to be aware of whether the account to be selected is a Parent or a Child account. Also, it is important to note this field will bring Parent account by default in case you manually type in the account id. If you used the value help to select a Child account and want to filter a Parent account afterwards you need to either close and reopen the report (for using a manually typed account) or open the value help again and select any Parent account - which will turn Main Account field into its default setting again.

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