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2741295 - Sequence Number Field In Compensation Information or PayComponentNonRecurring


We have the sequence number enabled in Compensation Information portlet, we have it permissioned to be editable however, we cannot see the field. May I know why the sequence number is not showing in the compensation information portlet and what is the use of the sequence number

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  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • Compensation Information
  • Manage Business Configuration

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Enable and permission the sequence number field on CompInfo element
  2. Check the Compensation Information Portlet


The sequence number field is for importing purposes only.


This field is only required for import, and will appear in the import template if you have enabled the field In BCUI or Via SDM Data model and the allow import property is defaulted to True.

Sequence number is used when you are adding more than one record to an effective dated portlet on the same date.

If you enable the field it will appear in the compensation information import template. This field is not Editable Via UI.

See: PayComponentNonRecurring

  • Go to Mange busines Configuration
  • payComponentNonRecurring


  • Sequence number 
  • Data Type : String
  • Visibility : View
  • Max. Length : 38
  • Allow import : Yes

Sequence Numberkba.png

Add Via Import SDM Data model Code:

Under: <hris-element id="payComponentNonRecurring">

<hris-field id="sequence-number" visibility="view" allow-import="true">
<label xml:lang="en-DEBUG">seqnumber</label>
<label xml:lang="en-US">seqnumber</label>
<label xml:lang="ru-RU">seqnumber</label>
<label xml:lang="de-DE">seqnumber</label>
<label xml:lang="en-GB">seqnumber</label>

Sequence Number

  • <sequence-number> is a required field, but not a business key, in the non recurring pay component data import process. This field accepts an alphanumeric value with a character limit set to 38. With a unique <sequence-number>, you can import multiple records having a same pay component on the same day, without any risk of existing data being overwritten.
  • This field is required for importing data. If you enable this field, the allow import property is defaulted to True.
  • Based on your business requirements, there are two cases related to <sequence-number> configuration. To check your existing configuration, go to Admin Center  Manage Business Configuration  Employee Central  HRIS Elements   payComponentNonRecurring.

CASE 1: <sequence-number> isn’t configured or disabled

The system automatically generates a sequence number for each employee record. However, the value isn’t shown on or Editable the UI.

CASE 2: <sequence-number> is enabled

  • While importing data in full purge mode,
    • If you haven’t provided any value in the <sequence-number> field, the system automatically assigns a value. For a starting record, the value is set to 1 whereas, for any other record in the list, the value is set as per the following equation: New sequence number = last assigned sequence number + 1


You are adding 3 records to compensation information via import on 01/01/2019. When the sequence number field is enabled you can tell the system in which sequence they should be imported in and how they will appear in history mode on the UI.

FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Where can I get information on this from the Guide?

A) Guide - Chapter -Non-Recurring Pay Component Imports

 In the Incremental Load mode, if the sequence number field,

  • <allow-import>=false: user_id + pay_date + pay_comp_code is the business key.
  • <allow-import>=true: user_id + sequence_number (when the sequence number is enabled) is the business key.

A) Guide - Chapter -Non-Recurring Pay Component Data Fields

 This field sequence-number is required for importing data. If you enable this field, the allow import property is defaulted to True.

The non-recurring pay component import is currently supported by Centralized services only if Enable Centralized Services for Non-Recurring Pay Component Information (Applicable only for data imports from UI and API) is enabled on the Company System and Logo Settings page.

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