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 Integration Center: Frequently asked questions (FAQ).


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Q1. Which modules are supported by Integration Center?
Answer: Integration Center supports all modules which are part of Successfactors Business Suite (Employee Central, RCM, Talent).

Q2. How to create file with 1:M (one to many) relationships?
Answer: With flat file formats like .txt, .csv it's not possible to output 1:Many relationships. You have to use XML or EDI stack output type.

Q3. How to choose the right starting entity?
Answer: Refer to the community blog: Integration Center: Choosing the Correct Starting Entity

Q4. Can we trigger integrations based on the Intelligent Service Events?
Answer: Yes, Integration Center integrations can be subscribed to Intelligent Services Events. Whenever the IS Event occurs, Integration Center based Integrations are triggered.

Guide URL: Integrating Intelligent Services with Integration Center

Q5. Can I update data within SuccessFactors once Intelligent Service Event is triggered?
Answer: Yes, in this case when you create the new integration in More Integration Types, choose Trigger Type as Intelligent Services and Destination Type as SuccessFactors.

Guide URL: Integrating Intelligent Services with Integration Center

Q6. Can we create integrations to read and write data within SuccessFactors using single integration?
Answer: Yes, choose Create -> More Integration Types, then choose Source Type as "SuccessFactors" and also Destination Type as "SuccessFactors".

Q7. What if an SFTP file based integration fails?

Answer: Check execution manager logs for root cause of the error.

Guide URL: Monitor an Integration

Q9. Can we create multiple headers for CSV file?

Answer: Check Reference KBA: 2641363 - How to create an outbound EDI stacked integration which will generate multiple header lines output file
Community Blog Reference

Q10. How do I calculate age or calculate date difference?

Answer: Check KBA: 2571171 - How to create a Age calculation field in Integration Center

Q11. How many fields/columns of data can be uploaded using CSV Inbound integration?

Answer: Post 1802 release, 500 columns are allowed to use in inbound csv file. Please check more details in the Q28 too.

Q12. Does IC support wild card characters on field filters?

Answer: No. But we do support US% which behaves like * in filters.

Q13. In advanced filters, I don’t find the field in the dropdown?

Answer: Only those fields are included in the dropdown which have property SAP:Filterable set to True in the metadata. This can be seen under Admin Center -> OData API Data Dictionary for fields which have "Filterable" as true.

Q14. Can I filter on fields which are not part of the output file?

Answer: Yes, in such case choose the Browse button under Advanced Filter and select the fields. Please note only fields in the entity which have property SAP:Filterable set to True in the metadata will be shown and used.

Q15. Can you retrieve details of inactive users in Integration Center?

Answer: Yes, apply filter as STATUS in "t,f". Reference KBA: 2324204 - How to retrieve inactive employees via integration center

Q16. How to import Photos using IC?

Answer: Check reference KBA: 2519210 - How to Upload Profile Photos using Integration Center - OData API Photo Entity

Q17. Data Extraction Request - Candidate’s Resume and Cover Letters - Recruiting Management:

Answer: Check reference KBA: 2582360 - Data Extraction Request - Candidate’s Resume and Cover Letters - Recruiting Management

Q18. Is Compound Employee API supported in Integration Center?

Answer: No. Integration Center only supports OData v2 API.

Q19. How to avoid duplicate rows in Integration Center output file?

Answer: Enable "Server Side Pagination" option available.

Q20. How to retrieve First name and Last Name for inactive employees?

Answer: Apply filter as STATUS = Inactive to pull the data for inactive employees using USER as a starting entity. Reference KBA: 2324204 - How to retrieve inactive employees via integration center

Q21. Can Integration center support the key pairs from other software?

Answer: Yes, Integration Center can support keypairs from other softwares.

Note: The following key formats are supported by Security center: .pub / .asc (Reference Guide).

Q22. Could PGP file encrypted from SuccessFactors be decrypted by other software when the files arrive to customer's SFTP or not?

Answer: No. The key-pair, when generated in Security Center, uses public key to encrypt and private key to decrypt. Private keys cannot be downloaded from Security Center.

Q23. Is DELETE operation supported via Integration Center?

Answer: No. Integration Center does not support DELETE operation.

Q24. Can we get LMS APIs available under Integration Center?

Answer: No. LMS API is not supported in Integration Center. Reference KBA: 2634955 - Can we get LMS APIs available under Integration Center

Q25. How to export job requisition pre-screening question via Integration Center?

Answer: Reference KBA: 2826605 - How to export job requisition pre-screening question via Integration Center?

Q26. Is it possible to extract a report of all the integrations from Integration Center showing how many jobs got scheduled, how many were successful, how many failed, and so on?
Answer: The only way to check the status of the Integration Center jobs is through Execution Manager Dashboard, which is explained in this page of the guide: Monitor an Integration.

Note: If you really want to extract a file containing these details, note that Execution Manager Dashboard data is populated by the OData entity EMEvent. As a suggestion, you can create a job on Integration Center querying this entity in order to obtain the details of all the Integration Center's job that are running on your instance.

Q27. If I want to have a filter on a field that is not equal to null, do I just do field name is not equal to (leave blank)?

Answer: Yes, you can leave the filter as 'blank' if you want to filter as null.

Q28. What are the recommendations on Integration Center size for file loads? 

Answer: Find below the guidelines shared by SF engineering and product management colleagues:

  • We always recommend going with lower records size. Please always prefer delta load over full load wherever possible. 
  • Always consider splitting jobs with very high number of records to be processed ( which are typically long running) into  multiple smaller jobs.
  • If higher number of records is inevitable  ( see points mentioned earlier ), then for higher number of records, our recommendation is not to exceed 50k-80k records with 10-20 fields. If the number of fields increases, the number of records may need to be reduced.
  • The above figures depends on a number of parameters for e.g. number of jobs getting executed at that time on the server, the complexity of the DB query, the memory consumption of the servers, hence this should be taken as a general guideline, recommendation is  to split the jobs wherever possible.

Q29. What is the maximum time one Integration center job will run?

Answer: Prior to 2H 2023, if any job ran for more than 23 hours it will be automatically interrupted.
Post 2H 2023, we reduced the threshold limit of jobs running in Integration Center to 10 hours. After reaching the threshold limit, the integration jobs are auto terminated and you can view the logs in Execution Manager. This guardrail has been added to improve the performance of the system.

This is an expected behavior of Integration center.

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