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2744296 - Retry Action Button Not Selectable For Failed Workflow Rule


You want to re-execute workflow rule instance which has status Failed in the Rule Log. However, Retry action button is grayed out and not selectable.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Administrator work center.
  2. Go to the Workflow Rules view.
  3. Select the rule ABC (ABC represents the rule name).
  4. Click Actions button and select Rule Log option.
  5. Select the line for instance you want to re-execute.
  6. Click Actions button.
  7. Result: Retry button is not selectable.


The selected workflow rule was created with timing set as On Create Only or On Every Save.

In case of scheduled workflow rules, when conditions are met, then a scheduled entry gets created in the queue. If workflow rule execution fails, scheduled instance in the queue still exists with a Failed status. This scheduled instance can be picked and workflow rule can be executed again. Therefore, to execute the Retry action, there is no need to make any changes on the object instance.

This is different for workflow rules with timing set as On Every Save or On Create Only. For those workflows, when any change happens on an object instance, then after change/create, workflow rule is executed immediately. There is no concept of instance creation. If the Retry action button was enabled, then this action would require a change on the object instance for the workflow rule to be executed again. But change on an object instance cannot be done randomly. Therefore, the Retry action cannot be enabled for workflow rule defined On Every Save or On Create.


The Retry button is selectable and works only for workflow rules with timing set as Scheduled.


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