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2744415 - Error in fetching embedded SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) stories from API connection to SAC system failed


When clicking on the create tile for analytics, the following error occurs:
Error in fetching SAC stories from API
"Connection to SAC system failed"




The issue is caused by failing to authenticate against the production Identity Provider, instead the SAC was configured with the wrong Identity Provider.


  • Wrong Identity Provider
    • To fix this issue, verify if SAC is connecting against the correct IDP i.e production IDP and not the QA IDP.
      Note: When configuring SAC with IDP and it already has an IDP configured with, you need to revert back to SAP Default SAP, then you can go configure a new IDP, otherwise, even if the new metadata of the production IDP is uploaded, SAC still tries to authenticate against the old IDP.
  • No Trusted Identity Provider is defined:
    1. Log in to SAC
    2. Go to System
    3. Click Administration
    4. Select App Integration
    5. Under Trusted Identity Providers make sure that you have an OAuth client defined, if not define one.
      To define a Trusted Identity Providers, do the following:
      1. Click on Add a Trusted Identity Provider.
      2. Fill up the screen as follows:

    6. Retest your fetching of SAC stories
      Note: If there are no stories, this is because we only support stories that have models build on top of S/4HANA Queries and make sure the following KBA, 2710858 - Custom Analytical Queries are not visible in SAP Analytics Cloud, is followed
      to make the queries visible in SAC to use these queries to build the stories in SAC and then be able to see them in S/4HANA Cloud.
  • No space at the beginning of the OAuth endpoints
    1. Under the Communication System for SAP_COM_0065, make sure OAuth 2.0 settings there are now spaces at the beginning of each entry for example
      1. Under Auth. Endpoint: Whatever the address is placed there, there should be no spaces at the beginning of the address
      2. Under Token Endpoint: Whatever the address is there, there should be no spaces at the beginning of the address

  • Token path is wrong
    1. Under the Communication System for SAP_COM_0065, make sure the Auth 2.0 Settings are matching with the SAC Token URL under the App Integration under OAuth Clients section under System/Administration
    2. Make sure the Authorization URL is matching with the Authorization URL under OAuth Clients under the App Integration in the section System/Administration

  • Users for Outbound Communication
    1. Make sure the Authentication Method is OAuth 2.0
    2. Make sure the Client ID under User Name / Certificate / Client ID matches the Client ID under the Configured Clients in the OAuth Clients under the section System/Administration in SAC

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