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2746685 - How to report on Sign Up Form Questions and Answers? - Mentoring Programs


  • How to report on Sign Up Form Questions and Answers for Mentoring Programs?
  • The Mentoring Ad Hoc Report does not display the Sign Up Form Mentee and Mentor questions correctly.
  • The Mentoring Ad Hoc Report displays questions and answers that are not related. 

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In Mentoring, there's a single Ad Hoc Report domain that allows you to report on all data. If you combine columns from different sections, the system will retrieve all data for each section independently and then combine all the rows, which will make the report display data that is not correlated. This article aims to clear out some of the confusion around Mentoring reports by giving detailed instructions on how to report on Participant Sign Up Questions and Answers.


Before you start creating the report, it's important to note that it's only possible to report on the question type + answer easily. So, if you have defined custom labels for the questions or if you have Free Text questions in your Sign Up Form, you'll need to run a separate report to get the question labels. Tip: Create a Multi Dataset report to be able to include all the information in a single place and easily switch tabs if you need to refer to the Sign Up Form question labels.

  1. Go to Report Center > New > select "Report - Table".
  2. Select "Multi Domain" (if you don't need the question labels, you can select "Single Domain" here) as the report type > select "Mentoring Program" as the domain.
  3. In "General Info" tab, give a name to your report. 
  4. In "Data Sets" tab, select the Mentoring Programs you are interested on.
  5. Under "Columns", select any columns you're interested on from "Mentoring Program" and "Participant".
  6. Then, to report on Questions and Answers, select the columns from "Mentor Signup Form" and "Mentee Signup Form". 
    • Signup Form Section: will contain the type of the field if it's a picklist (e.g. "department", "location", "competency") or the field ID if it's a Free Text question. 
    • Signup Form Section Value: will contain the user's selection if it's a picklist (if the user selects multiple values in a picklist, answers will display across several rows).
    • Signup Form Answer: will contain the user's answer for Free Text questions.
    • Mentor Approval Documents: will contain the name of the support document required to upload when joining programs that require administrator approval.
  7. If you wish to know the question labels and selected "Multi Domain" report in step 2, proceed with below steps. Otherwise, you can skip to step 10. 
  8. In "Datasets" tab, click "Add Domain" and select "Mentoring Program" as the second domain. 
  9. In "Columns" tab, click "Select Columns" for the second domain and select all columns from "Signup Template" section. 
  10. Set up any filters you need in the "Filters" tab and you're finished. See below what the report should look like. 

1st domain: Questions and Answers by participant


2nd domain: Sign Up Form Questions



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