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2747663 - An Overview of Assignment Profiles in SuccessFactors Learning


This KB article provides a brief overview of what Assignment Profiles are and how they can be configured by a Learning Administrator


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Assignment Profiles are created by administrators for the purpose of assigning various entities to Users who match the attributes selected. Once an assignment profile is created and propagated, the Assignment Profile Synchronization APM must be scheduled to run. This APM checks Users for matches to assignment profiles and assigns (or un-assigns) the appropriate entities. Therefore, assignment profiles allow ongoing automatic training assignment to new Users and Users whose attributes change.

When creating an assignment profile, the administrator must; (1) specify what domain(s) are affected by this assignment profile; (2) identify the User attributes to select the appropriate group of Users, and (3) specify what entities are to be assigned to those Users.

Administrators have the ability to inactivate an assignment profile, and also have the added option of un-assigning the learning elements assigned through the assignment profile.  Inactivated assignment profiles can be re-propagated to become active again.

What Can You Assign?

Assignment Profiles can assign the following entities:

  • Libraries
  • Coupons
  • Curricula
  • Items
  • Programs
  • Recommended Items/Collections/Programs
  • User Role
  • Group

What is the Best Practice?

You can use a single assignment profile to assign more than one type of entity.  It may be better, organizationally, to define only a single entity type to an assignment profile.

Assignment Profile Attributes

Assignment Profile Attributes


Job Location ID

Alternate Job Code ID

Job Code ID


Organization ID


Postal Code

Domain ID

Region ID

Employee Status ID


Employee Type ID


Is Full-Time

User ID

Hire Date

Supervisor ID

Hire Month

All User Custom Columns

Item Completion (opt. “Include Substitute Completions”)


Assignment Profile Operators

Assignment Profile Operators


(Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)


(For Hire Date only)


(Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)

Is Empty*

(Not for Hire Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)


(For Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)

Includes Sub Records of

(Domain and Org. only)

Starts With

(Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)

Does Not Match

(Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)

Does Not Contain

(Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)

Is Not Empty

(Not for Hire Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)

Does Not Equal

(For Hire Date and Item Completion only)

Does Not Start With

(Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)

On or After

(For Hire Date only)

On or Before

(For Hire Date only)

Include Indirect Reports of

(For Supervisor only)

* ‘Is Empty’ Does not work with User Custom Column Values

AP Example.jpg

User Management > Assignment Profiles

Assignment Profile ID

(50 char)



(100 char)


Group 1:

Domain ‘include sub domains’ = GENERAL

Assigns the global library to all Users at General


Group 1:

Hire Date ‘On or After’ JAN/01/2009’

Assigns the 2009 New Hire Orientation curriculum to all 2009 New Hires in the HR domain






An assignment profile naming convention suggestion is to include a prefix to indicate that the assignment profile is assigning a curriculum (CURR_), a User role (ROLE_) or a library (LIB_).  See samples in table above.

Potential prefixes to be used in the naming convention for manually created/assigned assignment profiles:

  • CURR - (for curriculum) + general curriculum description
  • LIB - (for library) + library title
  • ROLE - (for User role) + User role title
  • ITEM - (for item)+Item title
  • COUP - (for coupon)+coupon name
  • REC – For recommended items/programs


See Also

Creating an Assignment Profile topic on the SAP Help Portal.


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