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2748064 - Incorrect Price List is picked by the system when determining the List Price in the Sales Documents


When you enter a product in the sales order or any other sales document, the price determined by the system is not the expected one. You have maintained the list price in the Customer Specific Price List and Company Specific Price List for that particular product but the list price is selected from Company Specific Price List.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  2. Select New Sales Order under Common Tasks.
  3. Enter the Account and Distribution Channel.
  4. Select the Items tab.
  5. Select Add Row to add new item XX(XX is the ID of the Product).
  6. The List price determined by the system for the Product XX is not the expected one.

For the Product XX, you have maintained the list price as 10 EUR in Customer Specific Pricelist and 15 EUR in the Company Specific Pricelist. The system determined 10 EUR as List Price in the Sales Order but you are expecting that the system should determine 15 EUR.


The Company Specific Price List has priority over the Customer Specific Price List in the system and hence the price determined by the system is the price maintained in the Company Specific Price List. The system will check the Access Sequence in the fine tuning activity Configure Price Strategy to determine which Price List has the highest priority. You can check the Access Sequence as follows:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Implementation Projects view.
  3. Select the respective implementation project and click on the Open Activity List button.
  4. Go to the Fine-Tune phase.
  5. Select the activity Configure Price Strategy.
  6. Select the Access Sequence hyperlink.
  7. Select the access sequence Price List on Header Level.
  8. Under Pricing Tables, you can see the list of Price Lists.


The sequence of entries in the Access Sequence is used by the price engine to determine the price. The most relevant price tables are at the end of the access sequence table.

For example: in case if you have Customer specific price, company specific price and custom extension field specific price, then custom specific price will be at the bottom of the access sequence table followed by company specific and other Price Lists.

The access sequence of the standard Price Lists cannot be changed, if you have a business requirement which needs to change this system behavior we recommended you to provide this feedback at SAP Business ByDesign Ideas forums, available at: This forum is monitored directly by our Product Management and they will be able to assess your requirement for feasibility to be added in the future release.

Only the change in the access sequence for Custom pricing tables is currently possible.


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