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2750707 - Job board constraints - Recruiting Posting


  • I would like to publish a job, but I receive an error message stating that the description field contains an excessive number of characters.
  • I am receiving a message requesting to trim certain text or modify certain values.
  • Job board system constraints do not align with the customer's strategy and need to be revised.
  • My job is not posted on the job board and I see an invalid field error in the Job Status Table.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting


Recruiting Posting is set up with a very high limitation of characters for different fields in the interface, so it's rarely the Recruiting Posting system that is limiting you. However, to allow you to multi-post on the different job boards, the system has to apply the smallest limitation from the job board selected for the posting.

It's essential to recognize that when selecting multiple job boards for a single posting, the most restrictive rule will be applied.

Therefore, if a specific job board mandates a title with fewer than 40 characters, while others allow titles with over 100 characters, Recruiting Posting will prompt you to ensure that the title adheres to the maximum limit of 40 characters.

Furthermore, there are instances where field constraints become apparent only upon job transmission. In such cases, an error indicating an invalid field will be displayed.


Field Constraints:

When you fill different fields, you will see a message on the Recruiting Posting showing you a warning and the field in red when a constraint is not respected.

Sometimes, a job board field limit might be set up to "concatenate" or combine several fields, so all the impacted fields will be red on the interface when the constraint is not respected. Also, depending on job boards, you may see the limit which is actually a bit lower than the one directly on the job board. It is based on the internal decision to avoid transmission errors when HTML tags are added and may be differently calculated.

Follow the instruction given by Recruiting Posting to comply with the constraint. If the constraint is limiting you too much, you could remove the job board from the selection for this posting, as you'll have the information which job board is concerned.

If these limitations / constraints are updated by the job board, the job board will need to inform the Recruiting Posting Product team in order to update the job board integration (see SAP Knowledge Base Article 2773045).

In case you encounter an invalid field error, caused by a field constraint, after posting the job, you will be required to edit the posting and make the necessary modifications to the value.

Job board System Constraints:

Recruiting posting does not manage the job board system. All modifications concerning this one must be done by the Job board.

Please note that Recruiting Posting team cannot provide the list of all job boards constraints as they are evolving and may depend on different posting conditions.

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