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2752676 - User Is Not Able to Approve an Opportunity in a Multi Step Approval Process


You have a Multi Step Approval process for Opportunities and in every step, all approvals are required.

However, there is an opportunity that got triggered for this approval process and the user defined in the second step of the approval process, responsible for approve the opportunity, is not able to approve because the field Approval Status got updated to "Approved" after the first step of the approval process.


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Reproducing the Issue

Requirement: You need to have a Multi Step Approval Process for Opportunities, where different conditions are defined in every step and the flag "All Approvals Required" is true for each step. Also, you have the opportunity ABC (ABC represents the Opportunity ID), that was approved in the first step of the approval process and now the second approval is pending.

  1. Go to the Sales work center.
  2. Go to the Opportunities view.
  3. Open the opportunity ABC.
  4. Go to the Approval facet.
  5. When you try to approve the opportunity you receive the error message "Action APPROVE not possible; action is disabled".


When the first user, responsible for approve the opportunity in the first step of the approval process, approved the opportunity ABC the condition defined in the second step of the Approval Process was not fulfilled yet.

Then the Approval Status was set to "Approved" and after that the user has changed the opportunity to fulfill the conditions defined the second step of the approval process.

You can check the changes done in this opportunity in the Changes facet of the opportunity ABC.


This is the expected system behavior.

As the opportunity is already approved, it is not reset back for further approval.

The options here are:

  1. If the second condition of the approval process is maintained in the opportunity ABC even before it was submitted for approval of the first approver, the approval process will automatically move to second approver for the next approval. In that case opportunity approval status after the first step will remain "in approval".
  2. Alternately if you use the scoping question "Do you want to restart approval process on changes to approval relevant fields in an approved opportunity?", then change of every approval relevant field after an opportunity is approved, will retrigger approval process. In this case after approval from first approver and subsequent change to fulfill the second condition of approval process, opportunity approval status will be 'in approval' and second approver will be able to approve the next step.

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