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2753250 - Compensation & Variable Pay - Executive Review Export failure (Scheduled Jobs)


When attempting to export data from a Compensation plan via Executive Review there is a failure in scheduled reports.

Downloading the Variable Pay bonus detailed report also fails.

The jobs within monitor jobs and provisioning will show completed, however the scheduled job will show "Failed".

**Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental**


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  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay

Reproducing the Issue


Navigate to Compensation Home> Executive Review> Select your template and "Export".

executuve review export.png

Check the report export job through provisioning and this appears as completed.

report export completed job.png

When navigating to scheduled jobs within Analytics you will find the export shows as failed, even though the job completed.

scheduled exr export failure.png

Variable Pay

When exporting the Varibale Pay bonus detailed report you may also find this fails even though the report export job completes.

This can be seen the same as the above when looking at the Compensation job.



The cause of this may be down to your employee data which is within Executive Review.

Within the logs we will see the following message for example:

11:48:16,758 INFO [JobExecutionProxy] End execution of job[companyId=******,requestId=58129,instanceId=******,fireTime=Tues Feb 12 12:38:48 CET 2019].
11:48:16,747 INFO [ScheduleDAOUtil] [1546426096746] [******,******.,***_***.,***,null,null,en_US] com.successfactors.jobscheduler.dao.ScheduleDAOUtil.updateJobInstance: updating JOB_INSTANCE
11:48:16,732 INFO [ScheduleDAOUtil] [465712538] [******,******
.,***_***.,***,null,null,en_US]com.successfactors.jobscheduler.dao.ScheduleDAOUtil.updateJobInstance: updating JOB_INSTANCE
11:48:16,704 ERROR [ScheduledReportHelper] [465712538] [******,******.,***_***.,***,null,null,en_US] processNewProcess exception:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unexpected '0' in pattern "0#,##0.00;-0#,##0.00"
at java.text.DecimalFormat.applyPattern(
at java.text.DecimalFormat.applyPattern(

This message shows there is an illegal value of '0'.

In this instance the issue is down to employees having a '0' value within their LOCAL_CURRENCY_CODE in the UDF or coming from Employee Central.


SuccessFactors formatting logic works as appending currency symbol to number format. It will also generate a format with minus sign.

In example above, the number format is #,##0.00. So to an employee with USD as local currency symbol, the resulting format string is $#,##0.00;-$#,##0.00.

But if an employee has '0' as local currency code, '0' will be appended. The resulting format string is 0#,##0.00;-0#,##0.00 as shown in the error message.

But 0 has special meaning in number format string, this causes an invalid number formatting. Therefore, the aggregate export fails.

Having this can also lead to the form and executive review to continously load when being selected.

Variable Pay

The cause of this failure may also relate to what you see above for the Compensation example. In any case please always contact support so ths be be reviewed further in the server logs.

A common reason why the bonus report can fail is due to data issues in the template. The following is one example where an import key contains inforrect formatting.

15:45:14,725 ERROR [ScheduledReportHelper] [869980190] [1113713P,Fossil, Inc,sfv4_STOCKPM4991.,hanadbPool3,null,null,en_US] processNewProcess exception:
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "11.20-"
at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString( at java.lang.Double.parseDouble( at 

The message is again similar to the Compensation example above, however in this case the issue is due to an import key value containing a "." when this is mapped to a money type field.

To correct this, update the import key value to contain ",". Once updated the export should correctly export.


To correct this these examples please check the employee data from both Employee Central and the UDF to ensure there are no 0's within the currency code column and no decimals going into money fields.

Once this has been updated the export should complete successfully.


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