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2757763 - How to print to multiple print queues or generate multiple output items


This document describes

  • how to print outputs to multiple print queues.
  • how to generate multiple output items


  • S/4HANA Output Management
  • Output Parameter Determination
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open app "Create sales order" to create a sales order.
  2. Go to menu "More -> Extras -> Output -> Header ->Edit" to see the outputs of the sales order.
  3. Check the details of the output item. The default print queue may be used.


As one output item can be only assigned to one print queue, if you need to print the same outputs to multiple print queues, multiple output items need to be created and assigned to different print queues.

To create multiple output items, different receivers can be created in the step "Receiver". For example, go to app "Output Parameter Determination". Show rules for "Sales document" at determination step "Receiver". Define 2 receivers with different roles. The indicator "Exclusive Indicator" should be set to "-(false)".

print receiver.png

To define multiple queues, go to app "Output Parameter Determination". Show rules for "Sales document" at determination step "Printer settings". Assign different roles for the 2 print queues:

print queue.png

Go to app "Create sales order" to create a new sales order. Check the output items and their print queues. Now 2 output items are created and assigned to different print queues.

output items.png

item 1.pngitem2.png

Similar to print queues, if you'd like to generate multiple output items with different form templates etc., multiple lines in either of the first 3 determination steps "Output type", "Receiver", "Channel" need to be maintained with different criteria in the decision table.

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