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2761162 - Lock remains in SM12 if the network is cut when open an input ready query in AO


The network is cut (for example, WIFI is lost or network cable is unplugged) when openning an input ready query in AO. After close AO, the session still remains in SM04 and the lock still remains in SM12. When open the same query again, due to data is locked by the same user, below warning message is displayed:

Data in InfoProvider XXX is locked by user XXX  (RSPLS-090, XXX):



SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office 2.7

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open an input ready query in AO.
  2. Network is cut.
  3. Close AO.
  4. Check SM04 or SM12. The session still remains in SM04 and the lock still remains in SM12.
  5. Open the same query in AO, the warning message is displayed.


If the Network is cut, there is no way for AO to notify BW server to close the RFC session immediately. It will be kept until the gateway checks whether the session is alive. If not, such session will be removed by the system. The mechanism is controlled by parameter gw/keepalive. Default Value is 300 seconds. It can be adjusted in T-code: RZ11.

Below is an example about the mechanism:

  1. Parameter gw/keepalive is set as 300 (5 minutes).
  2. The Network is cut at 10:00.
  3. AO is restarted at 10:01, warning message is displayed due to data is locked.
  4. System checks the sessions at 10:05 and removes the sessions which are not alive.
  5. AO is restarted at 10:06, no message is displayed due to no lock exists.


It works as design. Please delete the session in SM04 or delete the lock in SM12 manually. Or adjust parameter gw/keepalive accordingly, wait for the system remove the session automatically.


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SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office 2.7