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2761748 - Depreciation Due Too Early for Migrated Fixed Asset


  • You migrate a Fixed Asset, using the Extended Fixed Asset Migration template, into your SAP ByDesign system. 
  • The Capitalization date of the Fixed asset is maintained in a previous Fiscal Year YYYY (YYYY represents any previous Fiscal Year).
  • The Migration Posting date is defined in period B of Fiscal Year ZZZZ (ZZZZ represents the current Fiscal Year; B represents an Accounting Period in Fiscal Year ZZZZ).
  • When checking the Fixed Asset values you notice that Depreciation amounts are calculated already with the first period, period A, of the current fiscal year ZZZZ.
  • You expect the depreciation to start only from period B.


SAP Business ByDesign

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Fixed Assets work center.
  2. Go to the Fixed Assets view.
  3. Show All Fixed Assets and search XXX (XXX represents the Fixed Asset ID).
  4. Press Edit and choose Values.
  5. Select the relevant Set of Books and Valuation View.
  6. Go to the Depreciation Overview sub-tab.

Here you notice the Depreciation amounts starting from accounting period A in Fiscal Year ZZZZ. You expected depreciation to only start from accounting period B, the period of the Migration Posting date.


The Asset Valuation date of Fixed XXX is the first day of the current fiscal Year ZZZZ in period A:

The Fixed Asset was posted with Movement Category Migration of Accumulated Values (Current Year) and Line Item type Historical Cost.

  • Historical cost is the cost of the asset carried over from the capitalization year of the fixed asset.
  • The Line Item type determines the Asset Valuation Date which defines from when depreciation is to be calculated for that amount.

If the migration movement category code used for the posting is Migration of Accumulated Values (Current Year) and the Line Item Type is Historical Cost, the Asset Valuation date is then derived to be the start date of Fiscal Year ZZZZ calculating the depreciation due since the first date of the Migration Fiscal year (period A), rather than calculating from the period of the migration Posting Date (period B).

In the Fixed Asset, you can find the Asset Valuation Date as follows:

  1. In the Fixed Asset's Values tab (as above) select the corresponding Set of Books and Valuation View.
  2. From here navigate to the Journal sub-tab.
  3. Enter the Personalization Mode.
  4. Here you can add the Asset Valuation Date field to the screen. Here you notice system used a different Asset Valuation Date instead of the Valuation Date and Posting Date you maintained in the Asset Posting Lines tab of the Extended Migration template.


In general, the system behavior is as expected, as long as the acquisition cost really is a Historical Cost.

If you do not want any historical costs of previous fiscal years to be considered for migrated fixed assets use Line Item Type Historical Costs: Current Year. The Capitalization date of the Fixed Asset then needs to  be any date in the Migration Fiscal Year, earlier than the Migration Posting Date.


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