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2763551 - Is there a Webservice to Query and Read Operations on Output Management History Items?


Your requirement is to the extract the Output History of various Document Types in your system. You want to understand if there is a standard webservice to Query and Read Operations on Output Management History Items.


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The web service interface QueryDocumentOutputRequestIn enables you to connect external applications to your solution and to query and read Output History data in your system. The web service interface QueryDocumentOutputRequestIn is relevant if your company wants to access Output management data from external applications.


Web Service Operations

Operation name               :                             Description

FindByElements               :                             Fetch Document data via query

ReadOutputPDF               :                             Read PDF content

ReadOutputXML               :                             Read XML content

A Document Output Request is a set of output requests and processed output requests related to the Reference Business Object. Several output channels are supported for sending out documents. An invoice can only been output once as an original document, later on only a document marked as copy can be output. QueryDocumentOutputRequestIn webservice can be used to access the output history. A Document Output Request supports the output to several output channels. Possible output channels are Print, E-mail, Fax, XML and External System.


Document Types Supported:

  • Advanced Shipping Notification
  • Balance Confirmation
  • Canceled Purchase Order
  • Changed Purchase Order
  • Confirmation Notification
  • Created Purchase Order
  • Customer Contract
  • Customer Invoice
  • Customer Return
  • Delivery Note
  • Down Payment Request
  • Dunning Letter
  • ERS Invoice
  • Inbound Delivery Notification
  • Incoming check receipt
  • Invoice Request
  • Journal Entry Report
  • Order to Service Performer
  • Petty Cash Receipt
  • Purchase Order Reminder Letter
  • Remittance Advice
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Quote
  • Service Order
  • Service Request
  • Summary Invoice Form
  • Tax Return
  • Third Party Logistics Outbound Request
  • Unified Reporting Israel


You will be able to find the API using the below steps:

1) Go to Application and User Management work center
2) Go to Input and Output Management view
3) Go to Service Explorer subview
4) Show Scoped Synchronous Inbound Operations
5) Using Service Name: QueryDocumentOutputRequestIn you can perform the below operations

Find Document Output Request
Read Document Output Request PDF
Read Document Output Request XML

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