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2765771 - Not possible to change the inspection type assigned to variant 01 in cloud environment


In Configuration Step (SSC-UI) 'Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types'

  • the inspection type assigned to variant 01 cannot be changed.
  • message 'Invalid namespace for Variant' (message number /FTI/WEBGUI_MSG031) raises when trying to assign an inspection type with variant 01.


  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open app 'Manage your solution'.
  2. Click 'Configure your solution'.
  3. Select the Item with name 'Inspection lot creation' (Application area 'Quality Management').
  4. Click 'Configure' in the line of configuration step '2. Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types'.
  5. Select an Origin and double-click 'Inspection types for the origin' on the left-hand side of the screen.
    --> Field 'InspType' is grayed out in case of variant 01.


  1. Click button 'New entries'.
  2. Enter Variant 01 and an inspection type which is not assigned to an origin yet.
    --> Message: 'Invalid namespace for Variant' (message number /FTI/WEBGUI_MSG031)


An inspection type with variant 01 is delivered by SAP and there is no possibility to assign other inspection type to variant 01 in Cloud. This is not an error, but correct system response.

The following is documented in the Configuration Help:
Maintain the inspection type variants for each inspection lot origin. You are allowed to create variants starting with the letters A to O, T to W, Z, or with the numbers 1 to 4.
A variant 01 is predefined in the system. It must exist for each inspection lot origin as it will be used by the system as default if no other inspection type is set as the preferred inspection type in the material master.'


To influence inspection type selection, consider the following possibilities:

  • If indicator 'Preferred inspection type' is set in the Inspection setup in Material Master, then system creates inspection lots with this inspection type for the corresponding inspection lot origins.
  • There is a Cloud BAdI which can be used to influence inspection lot creation. The BAdI Description is 'Lot Creation at Goods Receipt and Stock Transfer'. It can be found in Business Context 'Quality Management: Inspection Lot' (app 'Custom Fields and Logic').


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SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition all versions ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud all versions