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2766220 - Low-Value Asset Not Deactivated After Customer Invoice Posting For Tax based Valuation View


  • You create a Customer Invoice over the full Net Amount of Fixed Asset XYZ (XYZ represents the Fixed Asset ID). 
  • You expect Fixed Asset XYZ to be fully retired after the sale. 
  • Instead, the Fixed Asset is still in status Capitalized. 
  • For the German Tax Set of Books the asset is marked as Low-Value Asset. You notice a Retirement Date, but the Deactivation Date is missing.
  • For the respective Valuation view, DE0010, the Retirement Posting is posted with a zero amount.
  • Depreciation Amounts are still calculated.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Fixed Assets work center go to the Fixed Assets view.
  2. Show all Fixed Assets and find Fixed Asset XYZ. 
  3. Its status is Capitalized. 
  4. Press Edit-Master Data and select the Life Cycle Data sub-tab. 
  5. For the German Tax Set of Books, the Asset is marked as Low-Value Asset, A Last Retirement Date is maintained but the Deactivation Date is not set and not editable. 
  6. Switch to the Master Data - Asset Valuation tab. 
  7. Select the Tax Valuation valuation view. The Depreciation method maintained is L200 - Str.-line 20% LowValueAsset German Tax. 
  8. Switch to the Values tab. 
  9. Select the Tax Valuation Valuation view and then navigate to the Depreciation Overview sub-tab: Depreciation amounts are calculated for the (remaining) useful life of the Fixed Asset. 
  10. Navigate to the Journal tab: The Retirement posting, generated with the Customer Invoice posting, is posted with a 0,00 EUR amount.  


For the tax-based Valuation View DE0010 the Default Depreciation method for Low-Value assets is set to Depreciation method L200 - Str.-line 20% LowValueAsset German Tax by default. According to the German legal Tax requirements a straight-line depreciation of five years applies.

From the legal perspective, an LVA maintained with the L200 depreciation method cannot be retired or deactivated during the five-year depreciation period. Therefore, Depreciation amounts are still calculated, the retirement generated with the Customer Invoice is posted with a 0,00 EUR amount and the Deactivation date of Fixed Asset XYZ is not set.


The system works as designed.

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