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2768519 - Mandatory field not set - Project Plan Values Not as Expected


  • You are checking the Project Plan values report for Project XYZ (XYZ represents the Project ID). The Planned Cost displayed are not as expected.
  • You check the Project Plan Values in the Cost and Revenue work center and notice an Error status (Red) for this project.
  • By checking further the error message "Mandatory field not set" appears for some Project Tasks.


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Reproducing the Issue

To see the errors on the Project Plan:

  1. Go to the Cost and Revenue work center.
  2. Select the Projects view. 
  3. Search and find Project XYZ.
  4. Select the Plan Values view. 
  5. Select the Project Task ID XYZ-AA for which the error status is red (XYZ-AA represents the Project Task ID).
  6. Select the Message sub tab, to display the error message "Mandatory field not set".

You verify the data in the respective Project task:

  1. From the Projects view select Project XYZ and press Edit and then choose View All.
  2. Find and select Project Task XYZ-AA.
  3. Go to the Work tab.
  4. Here, Employee Jane Doe is maintained in the Team Member column (Jane Doe represents the Employee Name).
  5. You notice that there is no cost rate derived after pressing Valuate on the top. Instead, further error messages appear, such as "Cost could not be determined for some or all work packages of task XYZ-AA".


The planned project cost for an Employee are derived from the Labour Resource Cost rate associated with the Job that the Employee is assigned to.

If this resource, or its cost rate or the Job Assignment to the resource,  is not valid on the date of the Project task start date or the start date maintained for the employee in the Work Tab,  it is not possible to correctly derive a valid cost rate for the employee:

  1. Go to the Projects view, either from the Cost and Revenue work center or through the Project Management work center.
  2. Search and find Project XYZ.
  3. Go to the Project Plan tab.
  4. Select Project Task XYZ-AA.
  5. Select the Work sub-tab.
  6. The Cost Rate column is empty.

Work Tab.jpg

  1. Navigate to the Scheduling Tab.
  2. Verify the Earliest Start/Finish Dates and the Latest Start/Finish dates of this Project Task.

Now compare these date with the Labour Resource of the Job which Jane Doe is assigned to:

  1. In the Cost and Revenue work center go to the Resources view.
  2. Open the Advanced Search and enter the Jane Doe's Job ID into the Job ID field (you can find the Job ID in the employee's personnel file).
  3. Find the correct Resource - Cost center Combination, select it and press Edit.
  4. Navigate to the Valuation tab.
  5. Here, check the Valid from Date of the Resource.
  6. Also check the Valid from date of the Job Assignment setting underneath.
  7. You will notice that the Validity of either the whole Labor Resource or the Job Assignment is after the Start date of the Project Task XYZ-AA or the start date of the Employee's assignment to the task in the Project Task's work tab.


To resolve the error against the Project Plan you have two options:

  1. Either amend the dates in the Scheduling tab in the project to be on or after the Valid From date of the Labor Resource.


  1. Amend the Valid from date of the Labor Resource to be the start date of the Project.

After the respective change revaluate the Project Costs of Project XYZ:

  1. Enter Project XYZ as described above.  
  2. Press Valuate. 
  3. Check the Work tab of Project task XYZ-AA. 
  4. This time, a costs rate (according to the associated Labour Resource) is derived for Jane Doe's planned work. 
  5. Also assign a Service to Jane Doe's planned work. 
  6. Press Save. 

Result: No error message appears in the Project. No error appears in the Project Plan Values. The Error Status is now Green. 


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