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2768609 - DRTM Learning Data Purge - Historical Data Only - LMS


  • DRTM Learning Data Purge (partial data purge)
  • This KBA will help resolve issues with configuring or executing the Partial Data Purge (purging historical data based on retention criteria)

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning


What is it?

  • DRTM Learning Data Purge is integrated with the Learning Management System.
  • An administrator can configure a retention policy and schedule the job to periodically delete learning data for selected user(s).
  • Purge is permanent, and once data is purged, it cannot be recovered.
  • A preview report is available which lists the users that will be purged.

Why is it important?

Data protection and privacy laws mandate to remove users’ personal records if there is no business reason to retain such records.

  1. BizX Admin Configures DRTM Learning Data Purge                          BizX Integrated Users 


  • MDF and RBP must be enabled to use DRTM.
  • Install the DRTM Learning package in via the Upgrade Center.
  • Refer to the guide Setting Up and Using Data Protection and Privacy on the SAP Help Portal for full information. 

Upgrade Center


Verify the system has been configured based on the following:

  • MDF and RBP must be enabled in BizX to enable DRTM.
  • To run the Preview Report in the Application Data Purge:
    • Direct links to reports should be enabled: System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration > DIRECT_LINK > links[REPORTS_CRITERIA].enabled=true.
    • User running the report should have the USER workflow Run User Data Purge Request Report.
  • Data Retention should be enabled for a Country in Admin Center > Manage Data > Country, in order to include a country in the purge.
  • Status of User (Active/Inactive) in BizX should match that in Learning. If there is a mismatch, System will display “User Status Mismatch” error in the Preview Report.
  • When the Purge Job is running in Learning, Connector and Assignment Profile APMs will not be executed.


  1. BizX Admin Configures DRTM Learning Data Purge

Admin Center > Manage Data

The Retention Policy is configured in the Purge Objects, and can be specified by Country or Legal Entity in a Country and User Status:



  1. Pre-requisite Configurations for Enabling Country and Legal Entity based purge

Data Retention Enabled should be set to Yes, to include a Country in a purge request:



  1. Learning Administrator Configures DRTM Learning Data Purge

Admin Center > Data Retention Management:


The Purge Request applies the Retention Policy specified in the Purge Objects (earlier image).


  1. Administrator Configures DRTM Learning Data Purge                                          BizX Integrated Users
  • Preview Report: Designated report approver can review the Preview Report before approving the purge request (for immediate purge requests). For scheduled purge requests, please kindly consult User Assistance guide (SAP Help Portal) Generating Preview Report for a Scheduled Purge Request (login may be required).
  • Report is available in the Admin Center > Purge Request Monitor:



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