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2769122 - onChange Rule setting Legal Entity Value, is Setting Country to Null when Migrated Propagation Rule for Country is in Place


Preview Instances Only: After the migration of the Propagation Data Model, there is now an onChange rule to set the field values for Country, triggered on the Legal Entity field.

If you have an onChange rule to set the value of the Legal Entity field, this rule would be triggered to set the Country of Company but it gets set to Null (no value).


Employee Central - Job Information

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Make a change to a field which has an onChange rule to change the legal entity, for example position field
  2. The legal entity updates
  3. While the rules are processing you can see:
    - the country is set to null
    - it then changes to the correct value
    - it the changes back to null and shows the correct value strike out below the field. 
  4. If you remove the propagation rule for setting country field value (triggered onChange on the Legal Entity field), the country field is correctly updated.


This is caused due to a non-required propagation and the migration of the Propagation Data model to Business rules.

If you had a propagation for country-of-company from Legal Entity, a corresponding rule was created and triggered onChange on the Legal entity field.

  • Example of propagation xml prior to migration:
    <propagate foundation-element-id="LegalEntity"> 
         <field id="countryOfRegistration"> 
             <destination field-id="country-of-company" hris-element-id="jobInfo"/> 
  • Because the Country-of-Company field is transient, a rule should not set a value here.


This propagation is no longer required, as there is hardcoded system logic for this and as a result the onChange rule after the migration is not required and causing unexpected behaviour.

To resolve the issue the following needs to be done:

Preview Data Center:
For any migrations carried out in the Preview release of b1902, the onChange rule trigger needs to be removed and the rule should be deleted.

  1. Navigate to Manage Business Configuration and the jobInfo Element
  2. On the Details of the "company" field, delete the trigger of the country-of-company propagation rule "Propagate LEGAL_ENTITY to JOB_INFO"
  3. Save
  4. You can delete this rule from Configure Business Rules after the trigger has been successfully removed from Manage Business Configuration. 

Production Data Center:
For any migrations carried out in the Production release of b1902, this onChange rule to propagate country-of-company from the Legal Entity will no longer be created via the migration and thus will not cause any impact or require any follow up activities.


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