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2770463 - How to Fix EC2MDF Out Of Sync Errors - Pre Picklist Migration


Users are facing EC2MDF out of sync error on pre-picklist migration.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • Metadata Framework (MDF)

Reproducing the Issue

Pre Picklist Migration Errors:

  • Invalid EC2MDF Entry: Missing MDF PickListValues for legacy options
  • Invalid EC2MDF Entry: Inconsistent status


Summary of legacy to MDF mapping:

Mapping object is way to ascertain which picklist in MDF & legacy are related. Picklist migration will ensure that these picklist are merged as 1 MDF picklist honoring both the legacy option ID reference & MDF references in the system. It is important that the entries in the MDF & legacy picklist are completely the same External ID’s, Status, Labels

This is will ensure that the related entry in legacy and MDF are merged to single entry post migration. Any discrepancy will result in the legacy picklist entry being create as a new entry in MDF picklist which could be undesired based on how the picklist is used.


Step #1: Download both Legacy and MDF picklist

    1. Download the legacy picklists  from Admin Center > Picklist Management
    2. Download the MDF Picklists from Import/Export Data for Picklist-Value

Step #2: Review which EC2MDF mapping you are actually using

    1. Navigate to Admin CenterManage Data and select object type "MDF Picklist to Legacy Picklist Map"
    2. The second dropdown will have all picklists in MDF that are mapped to a legacy picklist
    3. Find the mapping related to the EC2MDF warning / error message

Step #3: Compare both picklists

    1. Filter on spreadsheets from steps #1 & #2 and compare if you have the same mapped picklist on both files.

Step #4: Temporarily remove/delete the mapping

    1. Go back to Manage Data and select object type "MDF Picklist to Legacy Picklist Map"
    2. Find your mapping and make a print-screen of the current EC2MDF setup (a backup)
    3. Click "Take Action" > Delete

Step #5: Make the necessary adjustments to the picklists

Things you need to match:

      • Labels / translations
      • External codes
      • Status 
      • Count (number of entries on each picklist)

Step #6: Re-create the mapping

    1. Go back to Manage Data > Create New: "MDF Picklist to Legacy Picklist Map"
    2. Restore the data from the backup you took on Step 4.2.
    3. Save

These steps should allow you to make the necessary adjustments on the picklists and keep your EC2MDF in sync.


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