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2772590 - Error: “Cannot change status; run XXXXX is scheduled” During the Data Extraction for any Object


Your requirement is to extract the data for a Data Extraction Object XYZ. You have Activated and started the Data Extraction Run. Now, you want to set the Run to Obsolete status. Even before the Run has Finished, you tried to change the status to Obsolete. During the process, system throws the error:

Cannot change status; run XXXXX is scheduled
Save failed

*XYZ represents the Data Extraction Object
*XXXXX represents the Run ID of Data Extraction


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Application and User Management workcenter
  2. Go to Data Extraction view
  3. Select New
  4. Run ID: XXXXX
  5. Run Description: YYYYY (where YYYYY represents the Run Description of Data Extraction)
  6. Select Extraction object: XYZ
  7. Choose to Save
  8. Select Activate and Run
  9. While the Run is still in process without an Extraction Status, you select the Run and select the button Change Status and choose Set to Obsolete
  10. System throws the mentioned error


While the Data Extraction Run is scheduled to run and is in progress, you are trying to interrupt the Run.


Once you Activate and Run the Data Extraction for any object, if the Data Extraction is still in progress, you would not be able to interrupt the Run or set the status of the Run to Obsolete.

If the Run has completed with the Extraction Status as Finished, you would be able to set the status of the Run to Obsolete.


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