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2774666 - "Failed to edit dashboard. Locking object not possible" Error Is Shown when Editing Dashboards


You open a Dashboard in Edit mode and get the error message "Failed to edit dashboard. Locking object not possible; object locked by USERID (User Name)". (USERID represents the user ID, and User Name represents the name of end user).


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Business Analytics work center.
  2. Go to the Design Dashboards view.
  3. Select the Dashboard XYZ and click the Edit button. (XYZ represents the Dashboard name).
  4. When the Dashboard edit window opens up, the error message "Failed to edit dashboard. Locking object not possible; object locked by USERID (User Name)" shows up.


This behavior can be caused by one of the following scenarios:

  1. Another user is already editing this Dashboard: A Dashboard cannot be edited by more than one user at the same time. This is designed to ensure the data consistency in the system. In case the user ID specified in the error message is not your own user, please approach the user indicated and make sure the same is not editing this Dashboard already. In case the user is not editing the Dashboard anymore, the cause can be the one listed in item 2 below.


  1. Improper closing of the Dashboard edit page: When you open a Dashboard in Edit mode, you should ensure that all the objects are completely loaded before closing the browser or using Save and Close or Close buttons in the Dashboard. Here is important to note that even after the Dashboard edit page is showing all the visible elements (like report tables and graphs), the non-visible elements, like the connections between tiles for example, may still be loading. If that's the case, when you try using Save and Close or Close buttons in the Dashboard you will get the following message from the browser: " is not responding." and a button "Recover Webpage" will show up. In this case, closing the browser window or clicking the "Recover Webpage" will not close the Dashboard Edit session properly and hence the Lock will be generated. 


  1. If other user is editing the Dashboard, wait until he finishes edit process and then you can edit the Dashboard. Remember that only one person per time is allowed to edit Dashboards.
  2. Always use the Save and Close or Close buttons in the Dashboard rather than just closing the browser windows. When you get the browser message " is not responding.", then wait until the Dashboard loads up completely and then resume the editing.
  • In case you accidentally force the Dashboard edit window to close improperly and get locked out from editing the Dashboard, Log Off the system and then Log Back in, this will remove the lock. Important to note that if you click "Recover Webpage" button again or close the browser window while editing the Dashboard you will get locked out again. So always follow the resolution steps 1 and 2 listed above.
  • If you are using SSO (Single Sign-on), then the system will not be able to unlock a dashboard the unlock process requires you to finish your current session and start a new one, while SSO keeps your session active even after you close the window. The workaround here would be avoid using SSO before editing a Dashboard that tend to have long loading time, and therefore the same can be eventually closed unexpectedly causing the lock. If the lock has happened already, you may able to use the regular logon process (non-sso) when using google chrome, and then successfully unlock the dashboard after logging off and log back into the system.


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