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2774845 - Questions regarding Learning Permissions, Roles, and Restrictions


Questions on what permission is needed to be modified, added, or removed to attain a particular business requirement.


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Designing workflows functions enablement and restrictions for admins and users is a very complex scenario that requires great understanding of your business requirements and needs and future development with respect to the impact of those needs as it correlates to the current and future design and updates of an enterprise cloud product.  SF LMS Support can always give a simple answer of how-to and steps, but this would only be from a minimum functionality perspective not considering all those things as mentioned; so advising with simple answers could jeopardize future utilization of a robust enterprise software with possibly irrevocable affects.  In addition workflows are not a one-to-one relationship, but rather a one-to-many so any modification to achieve a business goal in one screen or area may also affect another so there is no simple list that can be provided; instead these types of questions should definitely be addressed by an implementation partner or Professional Services for all the enterprise business considerations mentioned.

An example request may be "What permission is needed to run reports?" ... there is no simple permission on how to run reports as there are multiple permissions for each system report or to custom reports as you can see if you go to System Admin > Search and select the all role for edit > Workflows > expand Reports.  You will see all the different run, search, & view options.  In addition this would be separate from any additional business requirements on who could run which and also separate which restrictions on what data they could see from the report results as some of these reports would be useless without considering the permissions included in the Permissions under Search & User Management categories or could be too large and hinder system performance without including.  As there are many different ways to achieve these goals, this is why we recommend other resources to learn and implement Permissions.

For instance if asking, "How do I assign a role to an admin?": this type of question is still a how-to question, but it does not require an implementation mindset, and therefore SF Support may give a simple step-by-step answer and not effect to major implications even though this is still out of scope of what SF Support through incidents are to provide as per 2706322 and 2149831, yet we are still happy to provide when we can.

When trying to identify what a permission does, or which permission controls access to a feature, extensive testing is best strategy:

  1. Create a test admin user and a new test role.
  2. Assign only search for all entities (this will provide access to all areas, which is often a prerequisite to another action).
  3. Assign only those permissions you are researching. Permissions are organized by entity and action.
  4. Log in as the test admin and examine the actions available to you.
  5. Add or remove permissions to the role until you have identified the permission's related controls.

SF LMS Support still provides some additional resources available to help achieve understanding of permissions with the following:

  • Stage, Test, or Sandbox environments: Customers can utilize these to perform extensive testing and make changes without impacting production data, but still see impact on their unique data sets and observe different functionality behaviors with workflow modifications.
  • The SF community ( via the custom training requests or even through self-education of community posts.
  • Help Guides ( where new release details will even provide some workflow requirements enablement for certain functions.
  • Knowledge Base Articles: To supplement all the above resources knowledge, for exact scenarios only are often provided what may be missing or not enabled as permissions for some functions.
  • Lastly, if you do want to engage an implementation partner or Professional Services, you can always contact your Account Executive, CSM, or CEE to do so, see Knowledge Base Article 2149831 regarding.

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