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This document is the third part that will provide information on how to export SAP CPI Artifacts from Integration Center and import them in CPI.


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Import Integration Artifact Files

Now you will be able to import those files by copying and pasting your downloaded Export SAP CPI Artifacts from Integration Center so you can configure your channel connectors and pull data from your SAP SuccessFactors instance to your SFTP folder.


All four Export SAP CPI Artifacts files have downloaded to your hard drive from Integration Center:

  • The main.iflw file
  • Your mapping file in xsl format
  • Your output file in xsd format.
  • Your metadata file in xml format.


  1. Browse to the directory path where your Export SAP CPI Artifacts files are located on your hard drive.
  2. Copy the main.iflw file and paste it into your eclipse project structure under this package: 


  3. Remove the default .iflw package that was automatically created with your project. *
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded mapping.xsl file from your hard drive and paste it into your existing src.main.resources.mapping package.
  5. To create a new package, select your integration folder and use the right button of your mouse to open up your integration project menu.
  6. From your integration project menu, select New -> Package. When you have selected Package from the menu, the Java Package dialog box opens.
  7. Go to the name field Java Package and enter in this name for your new package: src.main.resources.edmx.
  8. Select Finish to create your new package. When you have entered in src.main.resources.edmx as your package name and selected Finish the dialog box disappears and you can now see the new package under your integration project folder.
  9. Copy and paste the downloaded .xml file from your hard drive and paste it into src.main.resources.edmx
  10. To finish, open your main.iflw file that opens up the Model Configuration page, make the following changes to channel connection lines:ChannelConec.png
  11. Save your .iflw component.
  12. Select your project folder to open up your project menu.
  13. Select your project from the Project Explorer view to open project menu.
  14. Select Deploy Integration Content so you can import your SAP CPI Lflow to execute your integration.

*If you do not delete the default .iflw package, you may encounter error messages when you attempt to deply the project content with the additional artifact files.

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