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2776708 - An unexpected technical error occurred when trying to publish a private version to a public version in an audit enabled model in SAP Analytics Cloud


The following error occurs when trying to publish a private version to a public version in a model with data audit enabled:

  • Sorry, we were unable to publish data from version "" to "" - Error
  • An unexpected technical error occurred
  • Publish cannot be performed because the data audit table has reached the maximum number of rows.

This error occurs in the Chrome developer tools:

{code: "1000", message: "An unexpected technical error occurred.", details: [{code: "43033",…}]}
code: "1000"
details: [{code: "43033",…}]
0: {code: "43033",…}
code: "43033"
message: "An error occurred during the execution of the EPM command 'action': [

{"Number":43033,"Type":2,"Text":"SQL : 'INSERT INTO \"TENANT_5\".\"t.5.::AUDT_\" ( \"Version.ID\", \"Account.ID\", \"Time.CALMONTH\", \"Audit__time\", \"Audit__user\", \"Audit__old__SignedData\", \"Audit__new__SignedData\", \"Audit__delta__SignedData\", \"Audit__flag\") SELECT \"Version.ID\", \"Account.ID\",\"Weeks.ID\", \"Datasource.ID\", \"Time.CALMONTH\", \"Audit__time\", \"Audit__user\", SUM(\"Audit__old__SignedData\") AS \"Audit__old__SignedData\", SUM(\"Audit__new__SignedData\") AS \"Audit__new__SignedData\", SUM(\"Audit__delta__SignedData\") AS \"Audit__delta__SignedData\", SUM(\"Audit__flag\") AS \"Audit__flag\" FROM \"_SYS_EPM_DATA\".\"3::2019-04-03 15:12:24.7930000::PDC:2::INTERNAL u:5_USER v:2 m:/t.5.Planning/Planning s:TENANT_\" GROUP BY \"Version.ID\", \"Account.ID\",\"Time.CALMONTH\", \"Audit__time\", \"Audit__user\" WITH HINT (NO_CALC_VIEW_UNFOLDING)' failed: maximum number of rows per table or partition reached: 'TENANT_5:t.5.Planning::AUDT_Planning' at /sapmnt/../"}]"

message: "An unexpected technical error occurred."


  • SAP Analytics Cloud

Reproducing the Issue


Data auditing is enabled in the model and the audit table size was exceeded.


  • Archive and delete historical data audit records to reduce the size of the data audit table.
  • If archiving is required data audit provides the option to download data changes to CSV files.
  • Note that there is a limit of about 75000 records per CSV file. Downloading more than this will result in multiple files.
  • There is also a limit of about 2 Million records per download so archiving more than this will require the execution of file download several times.
  • Once the historical data is downloaded the "Delete data changes" function allows selecting several preset options or a specified time range to delete.


Temporarily disable auditing (Data Audit OFF) for the model in the Access and Privacy section of the Model Preferences (NOTE: disabling data audit will delete all current records in the audit log, so should only be done if you have archived required logs already and don't care about losing all data audit data).

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