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2779001 - Information from the Candidate Profile is not filling automatically when a candidate is forwarded for custom field- Recruiting Management


When a candidate is forwarded from one requisition to another, information from its candidate profile that is not present on its current application is also not filled with the information present on the candidate profile, even if the fields have the property "forward-intact" on the application.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Fill out the candidate profile;
  2. Forward to a requisition;
  3. Notice that some not required information was not automatically populated with information from the candidate profile;


  1. Fill out the candidate profile, but leave some information empty;
  2. Forward to a requisition;
  3. Access the candidate profile and fill out that missing information;
  4. Forward the previous application of the candidate to another requisition;
  5. Notice that the information was still not automatically populated with information from the candidate profile;


This is expected forward-intact behavior.


As per system design, taking out some specific standard fields that have some specific behavior, we have the same field in two places:

  1. Application Template;
  2. Candidate Profile Template;

Application template configuration: The field is set as public = false and also operators doesn't have either read or write permission. This configuration is standard and it is done so that we can expect the value comes from the Candidate Profile, since we have the field in both places, the information will be copied over.

Here we have the application field, where it is not visible on the application page under Application portlet once after applied. We can only see the field on the More Information section, which is the one coming from the Candidate Profile.

Candidate Profile template configuration: The field is also configured where and it is visible for the candidate on candidate profile page and displayed on the application page under More Information portlet once after applied, as described above.

The Data Flow:
While applying to the Job Requisition, if the candidate has not added value for that specific field on candidate profile page, then once after applied, the same field will remain blank on the application.

After that, if the candidate adds some value into the field on the Candidate Profile, but it is before any operator views the Application, which means that the snapshot is not created yet, the information will be displaying on the More Information of the application as well. Still, the field on the Application will remains blank, because we are changing the value on the candidate profile, which is the one that stays under the "More Information" section.

If we grant visibility to operations for the addressline2 field in the application template, you will see that this field will still be blank.

The explanation for this behavior is: The information viewed on the More Information section is coming from the Candidate Profile, and not the Application, we can expect this value to be copied into the application AFTER the candidate applies to it. As mentioned before, we have two fields, one on each template and if we grant visibility permission to the one on the application we would see that the data is not in there, since the candidate hasn't applied yet.

We can only expect the values to be honored from the candidate profile with the forward-intact when the candidate APPLIES to the requisition, before that, if the latest application of this candidate has no value in it, it will remain blank.


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