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2784066 - Integration Center Photo IMPORT / UPSERT failed for the row with key: Photo/photoType=1, Do not have access to update this user's photo


Using Integration Center to Upsert a photo to profile.

Error :

Photo: UPSERT failed for the row with key: Photo/photoType=1,Photo/userId=<userId>. Reason: upserted failed: Do not have access to update this user's photo. The row will not be processed for subsequent entities


Successfactors Integration Center


- Admin Integration Center Job Owner lacks permission

- Incorrect Usage of photo entity

Only Below Phototype (type 1 and 14 support Edit operation)

Phototype EnumerationPhototype IDMax WidthMax HeightSupported OperationsComments
LIVE_PROFILE 1 180 240 Query, Edit Used as master copy in user profile photo. Recommend aspect ratio is 3:4(w:h) and recommend minimum size is 180*240.
ORG_CHART 2 20 27 Query System generated. Used as org chart image.
QUICK_CARD 3 60 80 Query System generated. Used as quick card of user in V11 theme.
FACE 7 45 60 Query System generated. Used as quick card of user in V12 theme.
LIVE_PROFILE_SQUARE_60 26 60 60 Query System generated. Used as user profile photo.
LIVE_PROFILE_SQUARE_30 27 30 30 Query System generated. Used as user profile photo.
USER_EXPRESSIVE_PHOTO 14 980 580 Query, Edit Background image used in public profile page. It MUST be a 980*580 image, otherwise Upsert operation will fail. If this photo is null, API will retrieve a random photo instead. And if there is no random photo, API will retrieve the default photo.


1.0 Ensure admin has all required permission for accessing Photo , SF.Odata Photo entity.

Permission SystemRequired Setting

View or edit permission for photo entity under Employee Data

User-based Go to Succession Management  Import/Export Data Model. Export the file and edit it to grant write permission on "Photo" element to the correct roles. Import the revised xml file.

2.0 Ensure correct usage of SFOdata.Photo / Photo Entity

Photo Entity Behavior

  • Only Upsert supports handling multiple records. All other operations can only handle a single record.
  • Edit operations are only available for photos of photoType LIVE_PROFILE or USER_EXPRESSIVE_PHOTO.
  • When a user inserts a LIVE_PROFILE photo, ORG_CHARTQUICK_CARDFACELIVE_PROFILE_SQUARE_60 and LIVE_PROFILE_SQUARE_30 photos are generated automatically.
  • If a LIVE_PROFILE photo is deleted or updated, then ORG_CHARTQUICK_CARDFACE, LIVE_PROFILE_SQUARE_60 and LIVE_PROFILE_SQUARE_30photos are also deleted or updated.
  • For the USER_EXPRESSIVE_PHOTO, the system will check and raise an error if the size of the photo is not 980x580.
  • When Public Profile view is set to “Expressive”, and user does not specify any background photo, querying USER_EXPRESSIVE_PHOTO with userId, returns the randomly assigned background photo, or default background photo according to the admin setting. If no random image is available, then the default background photo will be returned.


See Also

SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite OData API: Reference Guide (For Full info with Odata Photo API usage/application)


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