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2785323 - "No Changes Until This Date" Field in Compensation Information


A new optional field called ‘No Changes Until This Date’ will inform the user for each pay component if and when there’s a change in the future. Previously, there was no way (without having access to History) to tell when a Pay Component had an End Date.

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Starting 1902 Release, you can configure a field to display when the Pay Component is Valid Until. This is an improvement of the usability for administrator and all other roles that have access to compensation in the employee’s profile and will help the user with no permission to history to avoid entering wrong data.

  • You can add how long a pay component will be valid for, which allows admins to see whether the pay components have an end date.
  • The system compares a pay component record with all future records for the same pay component. The pay component is valid until there is either a gap in the pay component time slices or ANY field is changed in the pay component data (including customer fields).
  • Since the <no-changes-until-date> is a calculated field, it is not available in reporting.

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This feature is optional. User can activate it in Manage Business Configuration or in the Data model with setting the visibility of this field (no-changes-until-this-date) to Yes.

Enable no-changes-until-date

  1. Go to Manage Business configuration
  2. Enable no-changes-until-date
  3. visibility : edit
  4. Save




If you set an end date for recurring payments or pay targets that don't have the same time slices as the Compensation Information, then the existing Compensation Information record is split into two records. The forward propagation of changes made to Compensation Information fields or to other recurring pay components is not affected by the end date.

  •  no-changes-until-date, It is a transient field which is not stored in database, so it is not visible in OData API Data Dictionary
  • Since this is a calculated field, it is not available in reporting.
  • If you enable this opt-in feature, it takes longer for the portlets where this field is displayed to load. This is because the valid until this date field is calculated by the system when the portlet is loaded and is not stored on the database.


  • The end date does not appear in the History.
  • You cannot change the end date once it is saved in the system.
  • The end date option is updated only when the amount is given.

FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Where can I get Guide?

A) Guide: Implementing Employee Compensation Data  Chapter: End-Dated Payments

Guide  Implementing and Configuring Employee Payments in Employee Central

Guide - Data Model Field Information for Employee Central

Q) Where can I View no-changes-until-date?

A) The field is visible in:

  • Recurring Pay Component block of the employee profile for View and Edit

  • History on the View and Edit page of each affected time slice as well as the Change History (in the left overview)

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