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2785739 - How To: Predetermining the URL for External Items


You created a predetermined URL using an external item as per our documentation: Predetermining the URL for External Items, but when you use an external ID in your link, the navigation does not work.


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

Create a URL:[&]bo=COD_GENERIC[&]node=Root[&]operation=OnExtInspect[&]param.ExternalID=[x][&]param.Type=[y][&]param.ExtSystem=[z]

  1. Replace NNNNNN with the numbers that are associated with the URL of your specific tenant.
  2. Modify each instance of [&] by deleting the brackets surrounding the ampersand.
  3. Replace [x] with the external ID 123 (123 represents the external ID you are using), which corresponds to the account ID of the external system that has been correctly mapped, via a communicationsystem, to an account within the solution.
  4. Replace [y] with the technical name of the item type, as provided in the preceding table.
  5. If desired, replace[z]with the technical name of the external system — for example, ACCOUNT_360_INTEGRATION, for the 360 Overview — as specified in your mapping of communication systems.


The external ID 123 (alone) isn't unique in your system and therefore the navigation doesn't work with the URL.
The query uses the following steps:

  • RemoteObjectID/content = 123

If the query delivers 1 hit (for external ID 123) the navigation works as expected, but if the query returns 2 hits -> the navigation doesn't work


We will enhance the functionality in our current development release 1908 and will also update the documentation accordingly.
For now (releases 1902/1905) you have to use the URL:

Add: &param.ExtDefScheme=918
We know that the parameter ExtDefScheme is not mentioned currently in the documentation, we will enhance this with 1908 as well.

See Also

SAP Help document: Predetermining the URL for External Items


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SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins 1902 ; SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins 1905