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2788172 - Rel User Id fields from Job Relationships return no data in Advanced Reporting - BizX on HANA and VBM


After HANA Migration, Rel User Id (First Name) and Rel User Id (Last Name) fields under Job Relationships table stopped displaying values in Advanced Reporting.  View-Based Metadata is also enabled for Advanced Reporting.


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Advanced Reporting

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a new Advanced Reporting query - Employment - Global Job Information > Job Relationships
  2. Add the fields that start with "Rel user" or any field that is the same but labelled differently.  Notice that no data is populating.


rel-user-id field is not configured in the Succession Data Model.  It needs to be configured in the data model. In reporting, when an API call is triggered to fetch the target population, the field information read from the data model is passed to it. Since the field is not configured in the data model, the response from the target population is empty as it cannot determine on which field permission needs to be applied. If RBP has to be respected then the field has to be configured in the data model. Otherwise, we do not respect RBP.


To configure "rel-user-id" in succession data model:

  1. Navigate to Admin Center
  2. User "Manage Business Configuration"
  3. Select "jobRelationsInfo"
  4. Add identifier as "rel-user-id" and relative details for that field.
  5. Save your changes
  6. Since Advanced Reporting is in VBM wait for at most 24 hours for changes to take place.  If the change is not seen in Advanced Reporting, run a Purge Advanced Reporting Metadata Cache.

Here is the Default data model/configuration (also available in the Help portal) for rel-user-id. The field should not be deleted from the data model.

 <hris-field max-length="384" id="rel-user-id" visibility="both" required="true">
<label xml:lang="ar-SA">الاسم</label>
<label xml:lang="bg-BG">Име</label>
<label xml:lang="bs-BS">Nama</label>
<label xml:lang="bs-ID">Nama</label>
<label xml:lang="ca-ES">Nom</label>
<label xml:lang="cs-CZ">Jméno</label>
<label xml:lang="cy-GB">Enw</label>
<label xml:lang="da-DK">Navn</label>
<label xml:lang="de-CH">Name</label>
<label xml:lang="de-DE">Name</label>
<label xml:lang="el-GR">Όνομα</label>
<label xml:lang="en-GB">Name</label>
<label xml:lang="es-ES">Nombre</label>
<label xml:lang="es-MX">Nombre</label>
<label xml:lang="fi-FI">Nimi</label>
<label xml:lang="fr-CA">Nom</label>
<label xml:lang="fr-FR">Nom</label>
<label xml:lang="he-IL">שם</label>
<label xml:lang="hi-IN">नाम</label>
<label xml:lang="hr-HR">Naziv</label>
<label xml:lang="hu-HU">Név</label>
<label xml:lang="it-IT">Nome</label>
<label xml:lang="ja-JP">名前</label>
<label xml:lang="ko-KR">이름</label>
<label xml:lang="nb-NO">Navn</label>
<label xml:lang="nl-NL">Naam</label>
<label xml:lang="pl-PL">Imię i nazwisko</label>
<label xml:lang="pt-BR">Nome</label>
<label xml:lang="pt-PT">Nome</label>
<label xml:lang="ro-RO">Nume</label>
<label xml:lang="ru-RU">Имя</label>
<label xml:lang="sk-SK">Meno</label>
<label xml:lang="sl-SI">Ime</label>
<label xml:lang="sr-RS">Ime</label>
<label xml:lang="sv-SE">Namn</label>
<label xml:lang="th-TH">ชื่อ</label>
<label xml:lang="tr-TR">Ad</label>
<label xml:lang="uk-UA">Ім'я</label>
<label xml:lang="vi-VN">Tên</label>
<label xml:lang="zh-CN">姓名</label>
<label xml:lang="zh-TW">姓名</label>



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