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2788225 - Value Conversion for the Migrated Business Partner IDs are Empty


You migrated Business Partners where, in the Convert Values step during the migration, you chose the Number Assignments for Business Partner IDs as the New numbers taken by migration service. As this was incorrect for your business use case, you set all these Business Partners to Obsolete status. You decided to migrate the Business Partners again where you chose the Number Assignments for Business Partner IDs as Keep the old legacy numbers and you completed the migration. Upon checking the Value Conversion for the Business Partners that migrated, all Business Partner IDs are empty.


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Reproducing the Issue

To migrate the Business Partners using migration:

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center
  2. Select Implementation Projects view or Overview
  3. Search and Open the activity Migration of Business Partner
  4. Select Migrate business partners using the migration tool
  5. Upload the Migration File
  6. Execute Migration for the respective Migration File with Migration Mode Add new records
  7. In the Convert Values step, open the task Review Settings for Number Assignments for Business Partner IDs
  8. Choose the option Keep the old legacy numbers
  9. Confirm field value
  10. Process the migration file and complete the migration

Download the Value Conversion file as below:

  1. On the migration tool Show Completed Files
  2. Select the Completed File and choose Actions->Download Value Conversion
  3. This will download the value conversion for all the converted IDs for Business Partners which have been already migrated
  4. Save and open the exported .TRV file
  5. You will be able to see the Source values but the Target values are not available


For the Business Partner ID in the migration file, the Business Partner has been migrated twice with ID XXXXX and YYYYY. Similarly, all the Source IDs you have provided in the migration file is mapped to two Business Partners IDs in the system and hence the same Source ID cannot be used as a New ID while migrating the records using Migration as this is already mapped as Source ID for two Target ID in the system.

*XXXXX and YYYYY represents the migrated Business Partner IDs in your system


Once a Business Partner or any master Data is created in the system, it cannot be deleted. You can delete it via Data Protection and Privacy work center but the ID which are already consumed cannot be used again.


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