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2790960 - Instance Sync Tool | I'm unable to sync picklists between instances


  • I'm unable to sync picklist objects between instances;
  • Picklist object option is grayed-out in Instance Sync Tool;
  • How can I sync Legacy/MDF Picklists between two different instances?


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login within SuccessFactors;
  2. Go to the Instance Sync Tool;
  3. Set up the pairing between source and target instances;
  4. "Picklist" option is grayed out when selecting the objects you'd like to sync.


You can only copy Picklists from Source to Target via Instance Sync Tool if they're on the same picklist environment version (either both in Legacy or MDF).

Should them be on different versions, the sync of picklists won't be allowed.



  • Please ensure that Instance Synchronization tool is configured properly at both SOURCE and TARGET.
  • Be mindful of the pre-requisites for syncing Picklists to ensure that the sync is successful.
    • If the prerequisites shown here don't be met, the sync of picklists may fail.

Depending of which version each instance are holding, the picklists sync can or cannot be allowed.

Please find below some different scenarios and also the end-state for each one:

Source Migration Status  Target Migration Status  Sync End State-Picklist  Sync End State-MDF Picklist 
Migrated  Not migrated  Restrict sync  Restrict Sync 
Not migrated  Migrated  Restrict sync  Restrict Sync 
Migrated  Migrated  Restrict sync  Allow Sync 
Not migrated  Not migrated  Allow Sync  Allow Sync 

NOTE: From the upcoming b2005 release onwards, Instance Sync of picklist objects will be no longer allowed if combination of External Code and Legacy Picklist ID in source and target instances doesn't match.

Should you face such scenario, you must edit the Legacy Picklist ID to ensure that the combination of External Code and Legacy Picklist ID in source and target instances match.

Also, please note that legacy picklist ID must be unique across all picklists.

In order to edit it, we have made available the edition of the Legacy Picklist ID through Picklist Center for these picklists that were migrated to MDF.

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