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2791861 - Problems when replicating legal entity assignment to S/4HANA Cloud


After assigning a legal entity to an Employee, the Employee replication or the Organizational Assignment replication from SuccessFactors Employee Central into S/4HANA Public Cloud fails.

The actions before the replication failure may include:

  • A legal entity assigned to an employee was deleted in Employee Central

  • An employee was assigned to another legal entity via data correction or a new employment

  • An employee was hired and assigned to a legal entity differing to the one to which his cost center is assigned to


SAP SuccessFactors employee replication to SAP S/4HANA Cloud


There are certain requirements on legal entities assigned to employees in Employee Central. If these requirements are not fulfilled, errors are thrown by either the SuccessFactors Compound Employee API or during inbound processing of employee data in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. In these cases, the employee data cannot be replicated to S/4HANA Cloud before resolving the error.

Proceed to the resolution section for a list of some possible known issues together with their solution.


Listed below is the solution to various cases. In all cases, Employee Master Data appears with status FAILED in the ERP Data Replication Monitor in EC. Clicking on this Failed status, you can see:

  • The CO account assignment object belongs to company code xxxx, not yyyy
    Pernr xxxxxxxx: Infotype 0001 with error

This replication error is caused in S/4HANA Cloud when at a given point in time, the cost center assigned to an employee is assigned to a legal entity differing from the legal entity the employee is assigned to. This error can be only avoided if both the cost center and the employee are assigned to the same legal entity. To enforce this rule, apply a field criterion to your cost center object definition based on a custom field containing the legal entity in your cost center object. For more details, check the set-up instructions for scope item JB1 available under With this field criterion, cost centers can only have the same legal entity assigned as the legal entity assigned to the employee, both when initially hiring the employee and when adjusting data later on.


Please make sure that the legal entity with internal code "xxxxx" is valid.

This error is caused in SFSF Employee Central when the legal entity an employee is assigned to cannot be found anymore in the Employee Central database by its internal code value. This is caused by deleting the legal entity from database before trying to replicate the employee assigned to this legal entity. In this case, it is not sufficient to recreate the legal entity which was deleted before. In addition, you must also assign this legal entity again to the employee. Take care that the previous legal entity assignment is not contained anymore in Employee Central for any historical time slice (check the change history of the Organizational Information of the employee for this purpose). Remember that also such historical records cause replication failures when replicated to S/4HANA Cloud.

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