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2792558 - Enabling the Enhanced Manage Pending Hires Feature in Onboarding 1.0


This KBA article will explain how to enable the Enhanced Manage Pending Hires Feature.

Please note that Enhanced manage pending hires is now universal, hence is nativaly enabled in instance.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central



  • Required Permissions and Object Definition
  • Configuration of Manage Pending Hires Column 


Required Permissions and Object Definition

  1. In Admin Center under Tools, find and select Manage Permission Roles.
  2. In Manage Permission Roles, find an admin role to edit and configure columns in Manage Pending Hires
  3. Grant the permissions Manage Pending Hires and Configure Columns for the Manage Pending Hires under Manage User:

SAPSUPPORT-00004 05-15-2019 4.34.54 AM.png

SAPSUPPORT-00005 05-15-2019 4.35.01 AM.png

  1. Click Done and Save Changes for the permissions to reflect. 

Configure Object Definition of MPHColumnConfiguration

  1. In Admin Center > Tools > Configure Object Definitions
  2. In the first field > select Object Definition & in the second > select MPHColumnConfiguration
  3. If MPHColumnConfiguration is available, no action is needed

Note: If the object MPHColumnConfiguration is not available for selection at the second field, reach out to SuccessFactors Product Support via the SAP for Me or SAP Expert Chat. In addition, follow the template when creating an case and provide the needed information below.

  • Subject: KB article 2792558 - MPHColumnConfiguration Missing in Configure Object Definition
  • Component: LOD-SF-OBD-INT

Problem Description:

  1. BizX Company ID 
    • [Insert affected instance]
  1. Permission to Disable and Enable Enhanced Manage Pending Hires Feature
    • Written consent and approval to disable and enable the mentioned feature
  1. Support Access (Read the agreement below)
    • [Insert Support Access]
    May we have your approval for accessing your system environment to continue request? (Reply with your confirmation and Support Access, refer to KBA listed below)
    With your approval, accessing your system environment you agree for the actions we will take below.
    1. Review the data of affected users and compare it to those users who are working as expected.
    2. Capture screenshots/record screen clips of the issue.
    3. Analyze your system configuration
    Note: Make sure to grant Support Access to Product Support. Please read KB article 2088892.

Manage Data of MPHColumnConfiguration

  1. In Admin Center
  2. Under Tools, find and select Manage Data
  3. In the first field, select MPHColumnConfiguration and in the second, select drop down to confirm if "Onboarding 1.0 Candidate" is available for selection; if not, follow next step

SAPSUPPORT-00007 05-15-2019 4.46.09 AM.png

  1. In the right section, click the drop-down for Create New Object and select MPHColumnConfiguration

SAPSUPPORT-00008 05-15-2019 4.46.19 AM.png

  1. Once MPHColumnConfiguration is selected in Create New field, add an externalCode by selecting Onboarding 1.0 to Employee Central Integration.

SAPSUPPORT-00009 05-15-2019 4.47.03 AM.png

  1. Under mphColumnConfigurationItems, add the hrisElementID with a value of "personalInfo" and hrisFieldID with "first-name" without quotation marks

SAPSUPPORT-00011 05-15-2019 5.04.20 AM.png

  1. Click Save to complete and reflect changes 

Configure Columns for the Manage Pending Hires

  1. In Admin Center
  2. Under Tools, find and select Configure Columns for the Manage Pending Hires
  3. Populate the entities and fields to be shown in Manage Pending Hires:
  • SAPSUPPORT-00013 05-15-2019 5.15.00 AM.png


  • 8 fields/columns are only supported to show in the Manage Pending Hires 
  • Ensure the fields that have been enabled for Enhanced Manage Pending Hires Columns are also mapped in the Field Mapping tool for ONB-EC.
  • If the enabled fields are not mapped it can prevent eligible candidates from appearing in Manage Pending Hires. 
  • After every change or edit, it is recommended to refresh OData API Metadata via Admin Center > OData API Metadata Refresh And Export > Refresh
  • Available filters are dependent on the columns configured; adding/removing a column will add/remove the filter for that field 
  • Mapping Employee Central fields that is not integrated with an Onboarding 1.0 CandidateInfo key will result to a validation error:
  • SAPSUPPORT-00012 05-15-2019 5.06.39 AM.png

Fields available for selection in Configure Columns for the Manage Pending Hires

  • The only entities and fields supported to be configured are the standard Onboarding 1.0 CandidateInfo,
    keys mapped in Field Mapping tool for integration with Employee Central
  • To have the information available under the column dropdowns in Manage Pending Hires page,
    ensure that the following Onboarding 1.0 fields are mapped with the corresponding Employee Central fields
    (if these fields are not mapped, the column dropdown will not show any value):

Key name in ONB

(key must have mapping to EC, Onboarding 1.0 process)

Field in OCI

Entity/Field in EC



































Note: If you want payGrade information to be populated in Manage pending hire page, configure these fields in one of the Onboarding 1.0 panels. 

Expected Result of Manage Pending Hires

  • On the landing page of the Enhanced Manage Pending Hires tool, onboardee data is shown in a tabular format.
  • Each column of the table represents a specific attribute of the Onboarding 1.0 Candidate Info (OCI) object.
  • Use the default column configuration available out-of-the-box or create a custom field configuration as per your requirement.

SAPSUPPORT-00015 05-15-2019 5.22.10 AM.png

H2 Release Update

  • We've added Request Date and Requisition ID to the list of fields you can use to Configure Columns for the Manage Pending Hires.
  • Request Date and Requisition ID are important fields for our customers to improve responsiveness and allow the business users to manage their work more efficiently.

Note: Job Requisition Id can be configured only for Onboarding manage pending hires, currently the same configuration is not supported for recruiting.

How to configure the two fields:

  1. Navigate to Manage Business Configuration
  2. Select JobInfo
  3. Scroll down until the end of the fields beginning of rules
  4. Add a custom-date field in Employee Central for Request Date
  5. Label it readyToHireDate > select Job Information (jobInfo_jobField) for section
  6. Add a custom-long field in Employee Central for Requisition ID
  7. Label it  jobReqId > select Job Information (jobInfo_jobField) for section
    Add HRIS Field.jpg
  8. In Onboarding 1.0 > Data Dictionary > Select EC tag > click Fields on properties > if these two keys "ReadyToHireDate, JobReqId" not available on the EC tag
    Search for them on the tags and move them to the right with ">>" arrow
  9. once the fields are on the EC tags navigate to Admin Center
  10. Search Field Mapping tool for integration with Employee Central
  11. Search for the two keys you moved to the correct entity in Onboarding 1.0 
  12. Map them to Job Information > the two fields that you created in manage business configuration will be there.
  13. Note: is you do not see them then it means the custom string or date that you selected in EC are used elsewhere you must,
    go back to manage business configuration a choose a different custom field, but same type for example long and date
    Map Job Req.png
    Map Ready to Hire.png
  14. Then you navigate to Manage Data > MPHColumnConfiguration > select Onboarding 1.0 Candidate
  15. Add your keys as you normally would or as described in previous steps in this document.
  16. Results


  • The Label of columns can be edited under Manage Business Configuration.
  • The Manage Pending Hires landing page loads 20 results initially.
  • When load more button is clicked, it loads another 20 items.

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