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2793023 - How to Resolve Offline Sync Log Errors


Offline Upload Sync Logs show errors such as "Conflict exists" and "Change requests failed".


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open the system as an Administrator.
  2. Open the Administrator Work Center.
  3. Under the General facet find and open Offline Settings.
  4. Open the Upload Sync Log facet.
  5. Filter by Upload Errors.
  6. See a list of errors.


The upload requests could fail in some cases. For example, when after a visit is synced to offline, if the key user makes an extension field as mandatory, the upload will fail. Because this check does not exist on the visit which was synced to offline. So, the visit gets saved in offline. But when the upload happens, the check kicks in and the upload gets rejected. When one upload gets rejected, the following requests for the visits are failed.


In this case the user is also informed that there are errors in the upload queue. The user can check the upload queue in Offline Settings and resolve in this list the own upload errors. Additionally, the key user has in WorkCenter Administrator->General Settings->Offline Settings->Upload Sync Log the possibility to check and resolve upload errors for all users.

Kindly follow the below steps for various error states in upload queue.

  1.  “Change request failed too many times (no save)”: Press the gear wheel on the left side of the erroneous record. Then are changes are replayed again until the save. You can then fix the erroneous data and save. Then the state of the upload goes to “Processed” and the changes are available on the backend. In our example, the user would get on save an error message “Mandatory field Season missing”. The user can then maintain the data in this resolve UI and save.
  2. “Change request processing dumped too many times”: An exception has occurred. You may try to resolve as in the case above. If still leads to an exception, then open an incident.

  3.  “Conflict exists with previous upload errors in Upload Sync Log”: If you do multiple changes on a document, then it will lead to multiple upload requests. For example, if you open in offline a quote, add an item and save&close. Then open later again, change the order date and quantity of the item and save&close.This action leads to two separate upload requests. If the first upload request is on error, then the second upload is not processed, but kept directly on this error status. Resolve first the error on the first upload request (or withdraw, see below), then resolve the second upload request. This way the chronological order is kept. In our example it would be not possible to change the item quantity (second upload request), if the item does not exist (first upload request).
  4. Changed after synchronization: This status is only possible if the key user selected the option “Stop upload and append to error list” in WorkCenter Administrator->General Settings->Offline Settings->General->Upload Conflict Resolution. In this case an upload is not directly applied, if the corresponding document has been changed since the synchronization from the server. Example: a quote has been downloaded to offline. User A changes this quote in offline on the device. Meanwhile user B changes the same quote in online. User A then uploads the offline changes. The system detects, that the document has been changed meanwhile on the server and – as requested by the key user settings – does not apply the upload, but sets this “error” status. User A (or a key user) can then check the current version of the quote on the server and either resolve as usual or withdraw the own changes (see below).

  5. Changed and Conflict:This error is 3 and 4 together.
  6. Withdrawn by user: the user (or key user) has the possibility to either resolve a failed upload or to withdraw it. If you withdraw, then changes in offline in this upload request are lost, that is they will not be reflected on the server. Only choose to withdraw, if you cannot resolve, but you want that subsequent upload requests (= changes) are applied. Note that if you withdraw, for example, adding an item to the quote, then an upload request changing this item cannot be resolved anymore.


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