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2793037 - The RMK instance is on different Datacenter than the RCM instance - Recruiting Marketing


 The RMK instance is on a different Datacenter than the RCM instance


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Technically, it is not an issue. You can connect any RCM instance from any datacenter to any RMK instance no matter the Datacenter, you just have to use the right urls in provisioning and pick the right datacenter in the site integration.

Important recommendations on the environment 

The recommendation is to connect a preview RCM instance to a stage RMK instance and a production RCM instance to a production RMK instance. 
This is because during the blackout period (period between preview and production release which lasts 4 to 5 weeks) there would be a mismatch in release versions and this can cause issues with integrations (RMK wrapper might not load for example hereby causing RMK resources to be unavailable in bizx)

Note on enabling the Unified Data Model
UDM requires both Bizx and RMK instances to be geographically located closely together. If this is not the case, then the feature switch will be disabled in CSB.
Customers who do not have colocated instances and want to avail of UDM should discuss their options with their account team.
Also note that due to the colocation requirement going forward, non colocated Datacenters can no longer be added to the list of available integrations.
For quite some time already customer instances (Bizx and RMK) are provisioned on matching datacenters. Customers previously provisioned on non matching Datacenters who cannot find the Datacenter in the integration options should discuss their options with their account team.

Use of Productive tenants

  • As a SuccessFactors Product Policy, Recruiting Marketing (RMK) Productive Tenants are used for Live Sites only. There are no "Test" tenants provisioned on Production for RMK.
  • This Product Policy exists as a protective measure to safeguard both SAP servers and our customers. 
  • The Recruiting Marketing Product Productive Environment includes several features which promote SEO, Marketing, and Job Distribution as part of the core product and server settings.  The Staging environment has protective measures in place which prevent Search Engines from crawling and caching content, from distributing automated talent community marketing, and for managing automated job distribution via XML. 
  • These protective measures help ensure that external access is controlled, and helps to prevent widespread distribution of the staging environment via SEO, accidental "test" job posting, and external distribution of "test" jobs feed.
  • The Productive servers do not have widespread restrictions in place. Thus, test environments which exist in Production environment pose a risk to unintended SEO caching, job posting and distribution of test jobs, and widespread Talent Community, which could result in a more widespread risk to the candidate, customer, and server.

Use of test tenants

Using an RMK stage instance to implement a productive RMK site cannot work at all since the site cannot be indexed and mails will not be sent from it to name but a few restrictions.

Note: If an instance is provisioned on the wrong environment (stage instead of prod), this should be corrected by the provisioning team via the customer's Sales Representative as per KBA 2916972 - Recruiting Marketing Instance Migration - Recruiting Marketing

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