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This article will explain in how to configure the activity tracking dashboard, its current limitations, and known defects.

Activity Tracking gives the Recruiting User the ability to “follow” up to 100 existing candidates. By following the candidate, the users feed will display specific actions that the followed candidates have completed. The actions will appear on the feed with the most recent event showing at the top. From the feed, users can navigate to the candidates profile and take actions such as add the candidate to a talent pool or email campaign. Events that will appear on the feed include:

  • Candidate Logs In to the Career Site
  • Candidate Completes a Data Capture Form
  • Candidate Saved a Draft of a Job application
  • Candidate Abandons Job Application
  • Candidate Applies to a Job

Candidate Activity Feed:

activity 1 wout PII.jpg

A new dashboard has been created to visualize the same events from candidate activity feed and some other statistics.


activity 2 wout PII.jpg

Observation: This is the current dashboard, statistics section is not available yet.

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This section will explain how to implement the feature, what are the known limitations and defects.

In order to enable Activity tracking and dashboard the prerequisites is to have RCM integrated with RMK and career site builder. If you are still using the legacy RMK site or have only RCM this feature will not be available.


Permission to follow/unfollow candidatesand see the activity tracking feed:

  • Recruiting Permissions> Follow/Unfollow External candidate
  • Recruiting Permissions> View Candidate Activity Feed on Candidate Profile
  • Recruiting Permissions> OData API Candidate Export

Permission for accessing the Dashboard:

  • MDF Recruiting Permissions > Candidate Follow
  • MDF Recruiting Permissions > CandidateActivity


Using the Feature

After enabling the necessary permission the recruiter user can start following candidates. This action can be performed from the candidate profile or candidate summary page. Users can follow 100 external candidates.

Candidate search > search for a specific candidate profile > when opening the candidate profile you will see the follow button and activity tracking feed:

activity 3.jpg

You can search for multiple candidates and use the action menu to follow them.

activity 11.jpg

When using the candidate summary page you can follow the candidate using the action menus.

  1. First option is to use the right side action menu:

activity 4.jpg

  1. Second option is to use the left side action menu:

activity 5.jpg

Know behavior: When selecting multiple candidates using the option one, the label will be always "Follow", it will not change to "unfollow" even though you select just candidates that you are already following.

When selecting candidates that you are following and not following yet, after hitting follow using option 1 a message will be displayed and show the number of new candidates you are now following:

activity 6 wout PII.jpg

After starting following a candidate the recruiter user will be able to check the events performed by the candidate using the candidate activity tracking or the new dashboard as shown at the beginning of this article.

Using the dashboard when following candidates that take specific actions, the actions appear in a feed like format on the Candidate Activity Feed portlet.

As of now the only events recorded are:

  • Candidate Logs In to the Career Site
  • Candidate Completes a Data Capture Form
  • Candidate Saved a Draft of a Job application
  • Candidate Abandons Job Application
  • Candidate Applies to a Job

Know behavior: When checking events in candidate activity tracking, all of them will be logged at the moment the candidate performs the action. However, there is a delay to show some of the events in the Dashboard as abandoned and draft application. These activities will be logged in the dashboard just after a back end job that runs every 3 hours runs. Once a candidate perform one of the mentioned actions, it may take up to 3 hours to appear in the dashboard.

Email Notifications

The activity tracking and dashboard provides limited notifications. Below you will see the possible notifications to users or candidates.

User Notification

User can set email frequency to receive an email notification that contains some of the most recent actions that have appeared within the feed for the candidates this user is following. The user can set the frequency between none, daily or weekly.

Go to Recruiting > Dashboard > Left corner Icon > Email Notification:

Know behavior: As of now, this is the only user notification possible to be configured. It is also not possible to set an email template for this notification.

Candidate Notification

Applicants who abandon a job application can be sent two automatic reminder emails asking them to return to the site, complete and submit the application.  You can choose to send the e-mail twice or not at all. You cannot configure the number of e-mails sent.

In order to configure this notification, go to Recruiting Email Trigger > Complete and Submit Your job Application. This trigger follows the same patter as any other trigger where a template can be attached to it.

 activity 7 wout PII.jpg

Take Action from the Activity Feed 

When a user access the dashboard > Candidate Activity Feed > Candidate Contact Card, there are some actions that can be performed.

Users can:

  • Unfollow Candidate
  • Add the candidate to a talent pool
  • Add to Email Campaign 

activity 8 wout PII.jpg

Known Limitations and Behaviors to consider:

  • In order for candidates to enter the recruiting system, they must accept the consent statement if DPCS is enabled.
  • This feature does not notify candidates that a Recruiting User has decided to follow them.
  • The candidates' actions that appear within the feed are simply aggregated into one place.
  • If a candidate wishes to restrict his/her visibility, then the follow feature matches that request. For instance, candidate only wants to be viewed by Recruiters in the country of residence, then only Recruiters in their country can view the candidate and therefore follow the candidate.
  • The follow feature mimics the existing permissions of the user. For instance, a Recruiter may follow a candidate that applies to a requisition that they do not have permission to view. From the activity feed, the Recruiter will see that the candidate has applied to the job, but the user will not be given additional details on the requisition.
  • After being followed by the recruiting user, the candidate's activity can be tracked in the activity feed until the candidate is in the New Application status, once the candidate is moved to any other In-progress status, the candidate will no longer be available in the Activity feed.

Note: To remove the Dashboard tab, please remove the following 2 permissions:

  • MDF Recruiting PermissionsCandidate Follow
  • MDF Recruiting Permissions > CandidateActivity


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