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2795376 - How many days is a "Month" in a scheduled Workflow Rule?


You create a Workflow Rule that is scheduled to activate in X Months (X represents the amount). You wish to know how the time-frame for "month" is calculated in the system.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Administrator workcenter.
  2. Go to the Workflow Rules view.
  3. Create a scheduled workflow rule with Relative Time = After and Time Offset = X Months.
  4. You want to know how many days a Month means in this case.


A Month in a scheduled workflow rule means the same date after/before X month's time. The length of the month is the actual amount of days in that month.

For example:

You define the time offset as 3 Month after Changed on and the Changed on date is the 22nd May, then the Activation time (the time at which the workflow rule is supposed to execute) will be:

22nd May + 3 Months = 22nd August.

The same applies for the time offset BEFORE Changed on:

For example:

The workflow is configured to execute 3 month BEFORE Changed On. The Changed On Date is the 31st of May. The evaluation of the activation date time will go as follows:

  1. First, three months will get subtracted from 31.05.2019 (without considering the number of days in the month). So the result will be 31.02.2019.
  2. Since the 31st is not a valid date for February, it will get adjusted to the last date of that particular month. In our case, the 28th.
  3. The final result will be the 28th of February.

 The steps of evaluation are the same irrespective of whether the workflow rule is defined to execute before/after with respect to date time field.


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