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2796985 - Percentage Under 100% on Invoice Schedule Prevents Sales Order Completion


  • On Sales Order AAA, you have set up an Invoice Schedule (AAA is the Sales Order ID) with several Invoice date for Item XX (XX is the Line Item ID).
  • You have already one Scheduled Invoice Request invoiced which represents n% of the total amount, the invoice is released, posted and cleared.
  • You cancel the other invoice dates for Item XX on the Invoice Schedule.
  • Now, you cannot set Sales Order  AAA to Complete even after the invoicing is finished.
  • Reason for Rejection fields on Header and Item levels are grayed out.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales Orders Work Center.
  2. Go to the Sales Orders View.
  3. Open Sales Order AAA.
  4. Navigate to the  Pricing and Invoicing tab and then the Invoice Schedule subtab.
  5. Expand Item XX.

 Only one Invoice Date remains and the Percentage is n%.

 On Sales Order AAA, the following warning message is raised:

Item XX: um of dates' amounts YY CUR falls below the item's amount' amounts YY CUR falls below the item's amount ZZ CUR
(CUR stands for currency, YY is the amount invoiced and ZZ is the original net amount)

  1. Go to the Items tab and select Item XX.
  2. Go to the Details subtab.

The Invoicing status is In process


  • You have invoiced  only n% of the original net amount and the system still expect 100% of the amount to be invoiced.
  • This set the Invoicing Status to be In Process.
  • As long as Delivery and / or Invoicing Statuses are still In Process, Sales Orders cannot be completed.


There are two possible scenarios to bring the total percentage to 100% and complete Sales Order AAA:

  • scenario 1: There is still an outstanding amount to be invoiced.
  • scenario 2: The total amount has to be invoiced in one invoice.


  • Scenario 1
  1. Open Sales Order AAA.
  2. Navigate to the  Pricing and Invoicing tab and then the Invoice Schedule subtab.
  3. Expand Item XX.
  4. Add new dates to the invoice schedule to bring the total percentage to 100%
  5. Save Sales Order AAA.
  6. Create a Manual Scheduled Invoice Request for each new date added and invoice them.

Sales Order AAA is completed once all invoicing is finished.

  •  Scenario 2
  1. Cancel all follow-up documents, up to Sales Order AAA.
  2. After you have canceled the documents, you can modify the Invoice Schedule and ensure that the amount to be invoiced is 100%.

Sales Order AAA is completed once invoicing is finished.

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