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2797148 - Removing Start Date and End Date fields from Trend Portlets


  • Is it possible to remove the visibility of the fields "Start Date" and "End Date" of the Trend portlets (e.g. Performance, Potential...) on People Profile?
  • Is it possible to make the fields "Start Date" and "End Date" read-only (not editable) in the Trend portlets on People Profile?


  • SAP SuccessFactors Succession Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Profile


Removing the visibility of the fields "Start Date" and "End Date"

The elements for Start and End Dates in Trend Portlets (Performance, Potential, Objective, Competency, Custom1 and Custom2) are mandatory fields. Thus, removing the visibility of them will cause an error in the system ("Unknown response status: Field with ID start-date label Start Date is required. Please provide a value."), when users try to add live ratings for the Trend portlet in People Profile (Source: Live Profile).

To avoid errors in the system, when importing or manually updating Trend ratings, it is not recommended that the Start and End Dates visibility or element defined in the XML code of your instance, be removed.

Making the fields "Start Date" and "End Date" read-only (not editable)

The permission to edit the Trend portlets, is granted over all the elements (fields), not making possible to grant edit permission to some fields (e.g. Rating Label) and remove it to other fields (e.g. Start Date).

However, it is possible to define defaults values for the Start and End Date in Trend Portlets, in Admin Center > Succession Settings > Default Dates for Live Profile Ratings > Define default values for Start and End Dates for each Trend element. More information is available in the wiki page "Succession Management - Admin Center - Succession Settings".


9-box sysOverallPerformance sysOverallPotential sysOverallObjective sysOverallCompetency sysOverallCustom1 sysOverallCustom2 9 box Performance Potential Trend elements Objective Competency Custom1 Custom2 start-date end-date default values remove delete erase hide invisible not possible to edit , KBA , LOD-SF-SCM-POD , Home Page, Pods and Portlets, To Do List , LOD-SF-EP-PORT , DO NOT USE [Replaced by LOD-SF-PM-POD] , How To


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