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2798809 - Amount Posted to Inventory Account Is Different of the Same Mateiral with Same Quantity between Goods Issue and Goods Return of Cost Center Comsuption


You have posted one Goods Issue and one Goods Return of Cost Center Consumption of the same product with same quantity. And there is no any other transaction of it bwteen these two logistic trasactions.

There is no cost changes of the product between these two transactions.

However, you found the amount posted to inventory account of these two transaction is different. There is minor difference between the amount.

Per general understanding, same quantity of same product, without any changes of the cost, the posting amount to inventory account should be the same, but just one is credit, the other is debit.


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Goods issue takes the resulting cost without rounding, while return of Nonconsumed Goods takes the rounding cost.

The issue happened here because when an item is removed from inventory, the cost rate that is picked is not rounded. This happens to ensure that the total resulting inventory valuation remains consistent. For example if inventory valuation is 133 and quantity is 8 then the rounded cost rate is 16,63 where as the un rounded cost rate is 16,625. Now suppose there is a goods issue to customer for the entire 8 quantity. Then if cost rate used is 16,63 then inventory valuation would be reduced by 16,63 * 8 = 133,04 which cannot happen as that would mean an inventory valuation of 0,04 for zero quantity.

On the contrary, while goods are added to inventory this issue can never happen hence the maintained cost rate is picked for doing the calculation. Whatever the final inventory valuation is after adding the goods is used to calculate the new cost again in case of moving average. Hence we are seeing this difference in amounts in the two transactions.


It is designed behavior.


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