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2798822 - Accessing Future Transfers and Hires with RBP - Employee Central


How to access future transfers, hires and users with future Employee Central changes.

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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central


Add attribute extend-by-n-days in succession data model besides the hris-element.

Details are in Handbook: Managing Employment in Employee Central

Update need to be made to the XML: (implementation partners/support can help with authorization from customer).

1. Create an SAP Cloud Support ticket to update the Succession Data Model (SDM). They should add the new extend by n days parameter to the dynamic group filter to the relevant HRIS elements. This can only be done in the XML and not by updating the SDM in the BCUI.

<hris-element-ref refid="jobInfo" extend-by-n-days="60">
<hris-field-ref refid="location"/>

2. After the parameter is enabled in the SDM and the HRIS Sync is updated, navigate to the permission group settings in your system.

3. Create a new permission group in the system for admins and managers. For example, you could create a group called Job Information - Department - Extend by 60 Days. This means, that when executed, the query would select employees with department of finance from today until 60 days from today.

4. Grant the role to the managers and admins. Select Only the direct reports in these groups below and then select the permission group created in the previous step.

5. Save your settings.

Please note this is as per effective dated system.

For example, an employee gets transferred to a new location and with this future date transaction there is manager change too. This will work for current manager of the employee not for the future dated manager.

Because both the criteria of the RBP group for granted group (based on the new manager direct reportee relationship) and the target group based on location(company transfer of employee) will take effect on future date.

Option: Via  Manage Business Configuration

  1. Go to Admin Center  Manage Business Configuration.
  2. Under Filters, select Dynamic Group Filters  Create New.

    The Dynamic Group Filters page appears.

  3. Enable the filter.
  4. Select Hris Elements  Job Information.

    In some cases, you may want to choose Compensation Information instead.

  5. The <extend by n days> filter is defaulted. Enter the number of days that the receiving parties (admins or managers) can see the employment records before the organizational change.
  6. Choose Done and save your settings.

NOTE: Please note that same HRIS field should not be configured with different values of "Extend By N Days". System randomly picks any of the configurations without any logic. Please see the following example for more details:

  1. Navigate to Manage Business Configuration UI (BCUI) > Filters > Dynamic Group Filters > DGFilters
  2. Click on Details link of Permission GroupFilter as shown below:

  3. We have configured HRIS element jobInfo twice with different values of "Extend By N Days" - 30 and blank which is equivalent to 0.

  4. We have configured fields location and cost-center in the first jobInfo and only location in the second jobInfo.
  5. When editing an exiting Permission Group or creating a new Permission Group, the system shows only one Job Information - Location instead of showing both (with 30 days and without any days). For the cost center, the system shows the value with 30 days as it's configured only once.

Hence cusotmers should not configure same HRIS field with different values of "Extend By N Days".

FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Where can I get information on this from the Guide?

A) Guide : Implementing Employee Central Core

Chapter: Adding a New Parameter to a Dynamic Group Filter to Extend Permissions

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